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Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen: Inc Bar, Greenwich (2004)

Carved from the first purpose-built music hall in England, the Inc Bar restaurant and cocktail lounge also represents a first for Llewelyn-Bowen & Associates. Making its commercial debut with...
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Volker Albus talks design (2012)

Volker Albus talks design New Olds: Design between Tradition and Innovation, which opened at RMIT Gallery in Melbourne, Australia on December 7, is a travelling exhibit, presented by curator...
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Le Corbusier (2007)

Excerpt from Mark Pimlott’s book, Without and within: Essays on territory and the interior (Episode Publishers: Rotterdam). On Le Corbusier [...] To the Modernist architect of the 1920s, and to...
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Rogers & Hamilton designs in collections (2016)

An artdesigncafe / Design Meriden resource. "[Rogers & Hamilton] was organized in 1886 for the production of knives and spoons... When it became part of the International Silver Co. in 1898,...


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