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Djoko Pekik: A painter of expressive empathy (1989)

Djoko Pekik’s work is unique in the painting world of Indonesia in the 1980s, both in regards to subject matter as well as to style. Djoko Pekik paints what moves him, he says, and what moves him...
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Reconsidering Ganja, Grammar and Giggles lecture at IVLAD (2006)

Reconsidering Ganja, Grammar and Giggles A lecture by Dr Kim Min Su Institute of Visionary Language Art Design (IVLAD) IVLAD auditorium Monster, The Netherlands 5 April 2006, 19.00...
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Heri Dono at Purna Budaya, Yogyakarta (1988)

Heri Dono at Purna Budaya In the last month a couple of articles have appeared in the Yogyakarta daily, Kedaulatan Rakyat, announcing something called "legend wayang". At the "creation-wayang"...
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El Anatsui interview: Out of West Africa (2006)

A “cloth” made by sewing thousands of recycled, crushed, and flattened liquor bottle tops. A 10-foot-tall installation of redundant newspaper printing plates used for obituary pages and re-used as...
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Bali offers access to Indonesia’s modern art (1989)

Bali offers access to Indonesia’s modern art Bali is known throughout the world for its wealth of traditional visual and performing arts, flourishing ever more under the accelerated influx of...
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Turner Prize 1997: Generating art debate

Featuring artwork by Gillian Wearing (winner), Christine Borland, Angela Bulloch, and Cornelia Parker. Turner Prize 1997 The 1997 Turner Prize, Britain’s most prestigious and controversial art...
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Sulebar Sukarman at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta (1989)

Sulebar Sukarman at Taman Ismail Marzuki Bright sunlight filled the gallery’s central atrium, bouncing off the white stones, while from the walls splashes of color dashed back towards the center....


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