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Yinka Shonibare at Ikon Gallery (1999)

Review of exhibition Dressing Down in Birmingham, England. Yinka Shonibare at Ikon Gallery Over the past few years, Yinka Shonibare has increasingly gained attention with his work shown in...
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Melancholic Trance at Visual Dhamma Gallery, Bangkok (1992)

Melancholic Trance at Visual Dhamma Gallery The following Internet pages linked below show the text and images of the artist pages in the brochure accompany the exhibition Melancholic Trance...
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CCNOA, Brussels (2003)

CCNOA, Brussels People who stop over in Brussels usually meander past shops selling chocolate and lace on their way to the city’s star attraction, Grand-Place, with its magnificent guild houses...
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Steve Dilworth’s Ark (2000) unveiled at Sculpture at Goodwood

Steve Dilworth’s Ark Like much of Steve Dilworth’s work, Ark (2000), his recent contribution to Sculpture at Goodwood, was inspired by Scotland’s Isle of Harris, where the artist has lived for the...
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Silvia B.: Celebrating "misfits" (2009)

Silvia B. Dutch artist Silvia B. creates striking figures that cross the boundaries of gender, species, and age. Beyond their high-fashion gloss, however, her hybrid beings aim to question...
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Mischa Kuball: Centre Pompidou-Metz proposal (2010)

Proposal ‚entrée publique‘ ‚codes urbaine (letter / codes)‘ Centre Pompidou-Metz Exposè für Centre Pompidou Metz (anlässlich der Eröffnung im Mai 2010) Für das neue Areal, was mit einem neuen...
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Tariq Alvi interview: Aesthetic obsessions (2001)

Tariq Alvi Born in Britain of Pakistani descent and based in London and the Netherlands, Tariq Alvi reinterprets media material such as magazines, newspapers and advertisements, creating...


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