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Semsar Siahaan: Hero into exile (2000)

With Suharto gone, Indonesia’s most outrageous anti-Suharto artist chooses exile. Why? Semsar Siahaan: Hero into exile Born in blood by the authority of guns, the New Order’s preferred art was...
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Aboriginal Art at October Gallery, London (1998)

Aboriginal Art at October Gallery Aboriginal art is often a feast of color and abstracted forms, of striking diversity across regions and contemporary approaches, and saturated with local...
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Contemporary batik collaborations: Mountain meets ocean (2001)

Contemporary batik collaborations On June 1, a unique exhibition opens at the National Gallery. Not only are the art works which will be hanging there unusually long; their textures and...
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Hendra Gunawan returns to Indonesian public (2001)

Hendra Gunawan returns to Indonesian public Astri Wright, an associate professor at the University of Victoria in Canada and a long-standing researcher of modern and contemporary Indonesian art,...
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Cornelia Parker at Frith Street Gallery, London (1999)

Cornelia Parker at Frith Street Gallery Suspicious fires, explosions, poltergeists, and padded cells. Cornelia Parker’s recent show included these and more, with subject matter "too emotional,...
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Contemporary art in Sri Lanka: In spite of war (1997)

Imagine sitting on an elevated patio at an international hotel facing the Indian Ocean drinking a beer, listening to waves crashing on the beach, and watching the sun slowly dip behind the...
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Sudjana Kerton fills canvases with scenes of daily life (1989)

It is now 48 years since Sudjana Kerton set himself up in Bandung as a self-taught portrait painter, and 44 years since he joined the Indonesian struggle for independence from the Dutch. In...


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