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Modern & contemporary Indonesian art bibliography (1994)

The following is an important resource for those interested in modern and contemporary Indonesian painting, art and its cultural context. Modern & contemporary Indonesian art bibliography A...
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Sebastian Freytag: Repitition as an attitude (2013)

Sebastian Freytag: Repitition as an attitude Sometimes artworks seem to come out of nowhere, catch your eye and make you rethink things. Such was the experience I had with Sebastian Freytag’s...
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MASS MoCA: Critical MASS (1999)

MASS MoCA Sometimes good things do come to those who wait. Thirteen years after it was first put on the drawing board— and after navigating through several barriers that threatened its creation—...
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Steve Dilworth: From the ancient land (1998)

The art of Steve Dilworth may at times shock with its use of "material"—dead animals and bones, yet it is drawn from a strong feeling for the cycles of life as well as from the windswept landscape...
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Bagong Kussudiardja at Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta (1988)

Bagong Kussudiardja at Bentara Budaya Rhythms is the title given to Bagong Kussudiardja’s solo exhibition at present showing at the Bentara Budaya [in Yogyakarta]. And in the exhibition-pamphlet,...


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