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"The first reference to Webster & Briggmann appears in the 1910 Waterbury-Naugatuck (Connecticut) city directory under the heading of cut glass manufacturers as follows: ’Webster & Briggmann (Wallace W. Webster and George F. Briggmann) cut glass manufacturers, Naugatuck (Connecticut).’ ... The 1918 directory shows that both had moved to Meriden, Connecticut, where they operated a cutting shop from 1917 to 1923. Webster & Briggmann produced a good line of tableware, ornamental pieces, serving dishes, plates, and so forth. George Briggmann, a practical glass cutter, was in charge of the cutting shop from the time it opened until it closed in 1923." — Revi, Albert Christian. (1965). American cut and engraved glass, (p. 99). For more information, see entry listed below.

Please note, there is a large amount of usage of "Briggman" in certain sources, however the company’s stationary shows the company name is "Briggmann" (1922 or earlier). To see this, review the entry below.

Webster & Briggmann Co. - historical information (by year)

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Various newspapers, magazines and other sources

(c. 1910-). Various newspapers, magazines and other sources - search engines.

1911 - classified advertisement

(2 February 1911). Classified advertisement: "Wanted— Glass Cutter, Good smoother on tableware. Married man preferred. Steady work. Webster & Briggmann, Naugatuck, Conn." Meriden Weekly Republican, p. 12, col. 2. (Viewed 30 October 2020. F01602).

1913 - news mention

(3 July 1913). News mention about Webster & Briggmann. Crockery & Glass Journal, p. 17. (Viewed 29 September 2020. E01604; G01183.)

"Geo. Briggmann of Webster & Briggmann, glass cutters, Naugatuck, Conn., came to New York on Monday to see E. L. Bates, his New York agent. The new factory being built to replace the one just destroyed by fire is rapidly progressing. It will be much larger than the old one, and up to date in every respect. Mr. Briggmann went on to Jeannette, Pa., to select blanks for the fall trade." (Excerpt from above.)

1913 - news mention

(24 July 1913). The Metropolitan market [New York] [mention of Webster & Briggmann]. Crockery & Glass Journal, p. 13. (Viewed 29 September 2020. G01187.)

"Guy S. Jenkins... continues his association with... Webster & Briggman[n], Naugatuck, Conn. ... " (Excerpt from above.)

1918 - company listing

(1918). Manufacturers and their products... "Webster & Brigman[n] ... Cut glass ... " In State of Connecticut Public Document No. 33; Sixth Biennial Report of the Factory Inspection Department to the Governor for the Two Years ending September 30, 1918, (p. 65). State of Connecticut: Hartford. (Viewed 1 October 2020. E01622-27).

1919 - advertisement

Webster & Briggmann Co. (6 January 1919). Advertisement: "Our show rooms are open and you are invited to inspect the Cut glass on display. Large variety to choose from for Christmas gifts... " [with no illustration]. Meriden Morning Record, p. 7, col. 5. (Viewed 27 January 2021. R00616).

1919 - advertisement

H. P. & H. F. Hunt Co., Boston, Massachusetts. (11 December 1919). Advertisement: "... Representatives for... Webster [& Briggmann]... " [with no illustrations.] The Pottery, Glass & Brass Salesman, p. 132. (Viewed 30 September 2020. E01612).


1920 - advertisement

H. P. & H. F. Hunt Co., Boston, Massachusetts. (16 December 1920). Advertisement: "... Glassware... Webster & Briggman[n] Co. ... See our special exhibit at Fort Pitt Hotel in January" [with no illustrations; designs possibly exhibited in previewed exhibition]. Crockery & Glass Journal, p. 163. (Viewed 30 September 2020. E01617).

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1922 or earlier - stationary

Webster & Briggmann Co. (1922 or earlier). Stationary with illustration of a perfume bottle [with at least five other pieces of stationary also in the collection]. (Cat. no. 2016.3.269. Viewed 9 October 2020. F01432).


1936 - article mention

Newton, C. A. (17 April 1936). Chamber of Commerce[;] Its many activities [with mention: "Brought Webster & Briggman Co. to the city and paid moving expenses"]. The Meriden Daily Journal [Fiftieth Anniversary issue (1886-1936)], unknown page number. (Viewed 26 November 2020. F01911).


1965 - book mention

Revi, Albert Christian. (1965). Webster & Briggmann mention, (p. 99). (See excerpt at top of this webpage.) In American cut and engraved glass. Nelson. (Viewed 29 September 2020. AAA0613; L01962).


2002 - encyclopedia entry

Shotwell, David J. (2002). Entry: "Webster & Briggman[n]; A glass cutting company established about 1910 in Waterbury-Naugatuck, moving to Meriden, Connecticut, in 1917. It closed in 1923." Glass A to Z, p. 603. Krause Publications: Iola, Wisconsin. (Viewed 9 October 2020. F01430; F01433).


2012 - book mention

Tobin, Diane. (2012). Meriden Glass Companies section, mention: "1910-23; Webster & Brigman[n] cut glass." In The Meriden Flint Glass Company: An abundance of glass, (unknown page number). Charleston, SC: The History Press. (Viewed 9 October 2020. F01434-35).

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