Forbes Silver Company designs in collections, at auction, and in expositions

Forbes Silver Co. designs
Forbes Silver Plate basket Forbes Silver Co centerpiece

Above, illustrations of Forbes Silver Co. designs in the International Silver Company catalogue no. 34 (1928 or 1929), pp. 151,153, and 161. For more information, see listing below.

"FORBES SILVER CO., Meriden, Conn.
Starting in 1894, the Forbes Silver Company [,a secondary trademark of the Meriden Britannia Company,] produced a variety of small silverplated pieces for use by women in the home, including a very large line of silverplated toiletware, as well as a general line of household silverplate.

Its moderately priced line of silverplate were quite well known and continued to be made and marketed by [the International Silver Company, which in 1898 acquired Forbes and Meriden Britannia] ...until 1935."

— Edmund P. Hogan in An American heritage: A book about the International Silver Company (1977), p. 168.; Hogan in The elegance of old silverplate and some personalities, pp. 140-41. (See entries on parallel Forbes Silver Co. design catalogues and historical documentation webpage.)

A. Forbes Silver Company designs in collections (by year)

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c. 1894-1900 - crumber

Forbes Silver Company. (c. 1894-1900). Crumber. Silver or silver plate. (Cat. ID. no. 2014.15.16. Viewed 26 July 2018. C00147).

c. 1894-1901 - flagon

Forbes Silver Co. (c. 1894-1901). Flagon. Silver plate. Object ID no. 1993.032.001. Viewed 23 July 2018. E00155-56).

1894-1935 - candlestick

Forbes Silver Plate Co. (1894-1935). Candlestick. Silver plate. (Accession no. 306994. Viewed 30 December 2016. A01393.)

c. 1895 - tall hexagonal pitcher

Forbes Silver Co. (c. 1895). Tall hexagonal pitcher. (Accession no. 65.1560. Viewed 24 September 2020. J00762).

In 1898, Forbes Silver Company became part of the International Silver Company. After this date, it is assumed that any design patents utilized by the Forbes Silver Company division or brand were assigned to the International Silver Company. (See the ISC historical documentation page).

before 1900 - teapot

Forbes Silver Company. (before 1900). Teapot. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1972.16.3. Viewed 10 July 2018. G02443).


c. 1900-10 - cream pitcher

Forbes Silver Company / ISC. (c. 1900-10). Cream pitcher. Presumably silver plate. (Object ID no. 2004.118.4.3. Viewed 11 July 2018. G02562-63).

c. 1903 - tea service

Forbes Silver Company / ISC. (c. 1903). Tea service: teapot, butter dish with lid, waste bowl, sugar bowl with lid, and creamer. Accession no. 2010.59.1-.5. Viewed 26 July 2018. C00145-46).

1909 - paperweight

Forbes Silver Company / ISC. (1909). Paperweight. Silver plate. (Accession no. 2000.33.1. Viewed 21 July 2016. B00203.)


1910 - trophy

Forbes Silver Co. / International Silver Co. (1910). Trophy. (Accession no. 2012.X.145. Viewed 8 September 2020. J00680).

1910 - trophy

Forbes Silver Co. / International Silver Co. (1910). Trophy. (Accession no. 2012.X.147. Viewed 8 September 2020. J00681).

c. 1910 - trophy cup

Forbes Silver Co. / ISC. (c. 1910). Trophy cup. (Accession no. 1985.43.10. Viewed 27 March 2017. A01803.)

c. 1910-15 - cup

Forbes Silver Co. / International Silver Co. (c. 1910-15). Cup. (Accession no. 1975.0001.1165. Viewed 2 September 2020. J00560).

1912 - trophy

Forbes Silver Company / International Silver Co. (1912). Trophy. (Accession no. CMA 11-1A. Viewed 21 February 2021. J01130).

c. 1919 - living cup, trophy

Forbes Silver Company / ISC. (c. 1919). Living cup, trophy. Silver plate. (Cat. no. 2003.072.0020. Viewed 12 July 2018. G02621-22).

Click the following link to see the parallel webpage - Forbes Silver Company design catalogues and historical documentation.


c. 1920 - sugar bowl and lid, and cream pitcher

Forbes Silver Company / ISC. (c. 1920). Sugar bowl and lid, and cream pitcher. Silver plate. (Object ID no. 92.259.46.A-.B; 92.259.47. Viewed 26 July 2018. C00161-63).

c. 1921 - loving cup, trophy

Forbes Silver Company. (c. 1921). Loving cup, trophy. Silver plate. (Object no. 2004.090.0168. Viewed 10 July 2018. G02444-45).

n. d.

n. d. - trophy (teapot)

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Trophy (teapot). (Accession no. 994.210.01. Viewed 4 February 2021. J01077).

n. d. - trophy

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Trophy. (Accession no. 975.01.600. Viewed 4 February 2021. J01076).

n. d. - tea set

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Teapot, cream pitcher, sugar bowl. [Accession no. 2008.07.08a(-c). Viewed 27 December 2020. J01024).

n. d. - trophy

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Trophy. (Accession no. 975.01.616. Viewed 27 December 2020. J01025).

n. d. - bride’s basket

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Bride’s basket. (Accession no. 1994.1737.1-2. Viewed 2 September 2020. J00563).

n. d. - basket

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Basket. (Accession no. 1991.915. Viewed 2 September 2020. J00562).

n. d. - Friar’s Club Cup

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Friar’s Club Cup. Silver, copper. (Accession no. 1982.712. Viewed 12 July 2018. G02632-36).

n. d. - pitcher and cup

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Pitcher and cup. Silver plate. (Cat. no. 2004.11.07.jy. Viewed 3 July 2018. G02167-69).

n. d. - basket (Art Nouveau)

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Basket (Art Nouveau). (Accession no. 1999.185. Viewed 5 September 2020. J00620).

n. d. - tray

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Tray. (Accession no. 2001.111. Viewed 5 September 2020. J00621).

n. d. - condiment holder

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Condiment holder. Presumably silver plate, glass missing. (Object ID no. 1977.100.216. Viewed 11 July 2018. G02560-61).

n. d. - cruet stand

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Cruet stand. Silver or silver plate. (Cat. no. 2017.0034.003a. Viewed 12 July 2018. G02618-20).

n. d. - small spoon

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Small spoon. Silver or silver plate. (Cat. no. 2017.0034.034. Viewed 12 July 2018. G02616-17).

n. d. - communion flagon

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Communion flagon. Silver plate. (Cat. no. 1943.15.2. Viewed 26 August 2018. J00145).

n. d. - fruit bowl

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Fruit bowl. (Accession no. 988.217. Viewed 17 November 2020. J00935).

n. d. - tea set

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Tea set (teapot, sugar bowl, cream pitcher). (Accession nos. HF.70.3085.1.1 A,B; Accession no. HF.70.3085.1.2-3). Viewed 14 November 2021. J01461).

n. d. - cup

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Holder (cup). (Cat. no. H72.17.1079. Viewed 22 December 2021. J01509).

n. d. - sugar bowl

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Sugar bowl. (Accession no. HF.94.61.3. Viewed 1 July 2021. J01379).

n. d. - toast rack

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Toast rack. (Accession no. HF.86.119.18. Viewed 20 February 2021. J01119).

n. d. - biscuit jar

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Biscuit jar. (Accession no. 991.136.005. Viewed 17 November 2020. J00936).

n. d. - pickle caster

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Pickle caster. (Accession no. HF.77.57.33. Viewed 17 October 2020. J00867).

n. d. - casserole

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Casserole. (Accession no. JB.63.154.2A. Viewed 17 October 2020. J00866).

n. d. - flower pot

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Flower pot. (Accession no. L.1975.20.V. Viewed 7 September 2020. J00665).

n. d. - biscuit container

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Biscuit container. (Accession no. TH84.3.123.1-2. Viewed 7 September 2020. J00664).

n. d. - plate

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Plate. (Accession no. 2002.0002.0265. Viewed 7 September 2020. J00654).

n. d. - sugar bowl

Presumably Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Sugar bowl. (Accession no. 1995.5.59. Viewed 2 September 2020. J00564).

n. d. - tureen

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Tureen. (Accession no. 1975-1238.1.2. Viewed 2 September 2020. J00561).

n. d. - vase

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Vase. Accession no. 2016.1.2. Viewed 26 July 2018. C00155).

n. d. - mug

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Mug. (Accession no. 2002.60.743. Viewed 26 July 2018. C00148).

n. d. - toothpick holder

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Toothpick holder. Silver or silver plate. (Cat. no. 75-9-159. Viewed 9 July 2018. G02433).

n. d. - pickle-caster

Forbes Silver Company (undated). Pickle caster. Silver plate. (The holder has this dated at c. 1960; however if by the same Forbes Silver Co., the dating is probably incorrect. Object no. H 89924. Viewed 30 June 2018. A03021).

n. d. - cream pitcher

Possibly Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Cream pitcher. (Accession no. 1981.179.32. Viewed 27 March 2017. A01802.)

n. d. - serving tray

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Serving tray. Silver plate. (Cat. no. 55-590. Viewed 20 August 2018. L00634).

n. d. - tray

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Tray (with grapevine border). Silver. (Accession no. 1971.3.10.2. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-002.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

n. d. - fruit bowl

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Fruit bowl (four-footed). Silver. (Accession no. D1981.28.16. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-069.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

n. d. - sugar and creamer

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Sugar and creamer (footed; lilies on side). Silver plate. (Accession no. D1981.28.164.1-2. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-071.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

n. d. - cruet set

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Cruet set. Silver plate, glass. (Accession no. D1981.28.372.1-5. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-144.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

n. d. - baking dish

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Baking dish (with embossed grapes and leaves). Silver. (Accession no. D1981.28.66. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-164.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

n. d. - bread tray

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Bread tray (with embossed imaged of loaf of bread). Silver. (Accession no. D1981.28.92. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-171.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

n. d. - ashtray

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Ashtray (oval with bird and wishbone). Silver. (Accession no. D1981.28.99. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-172.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

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B. Forbes Silver Company designs at auction

n. d.

n. d. - bread dish

Forbes Silver Company. (undated). Bread dish. Silver plate. (Viewed 21 July 2016. A01091.)

n. d. - glass vase with silver overlay

Forbes Silver Co. (undated). Green glass vase, with silver overlay (Forbes Silver Co.). (Viewed 2 July 2018. G02114).

C. Forbes Silver Company in expositions


1898 - Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition

1 June - 1 November 1898. Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Omaha, Nebraska. (Viewed 15 September 2018. D00281.)

> Forbes Silver Co. flatware in exposition restaurant.


1924 - St. Louis convention exhibit

25 August - 3 September 1924. American National Retail Jewelers’ Association convention exhibits, Hotel Statler, St. Louis, Missouri.

> Unspecified designs exhibited by Forbes Silver Co. / International Silver Company.

See other exhibitions noted as including unspecified International Silver Company designs (1898-present). At this developing research point, Forbes Silver Co. designs could have been exhibited in some of these exhibitions. In this regard, also see expositions including unspecified Meriden Britannia Co. designs (1894-98).

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