About artdesigncafe.com

artdesigncafe focuses on international art and design, its wide range of journalistic coverage in specialist and generalist magazines, varied newspapers— and the communications that often drives the media coverage. We maintain an extensive online archive featuring writings by numerous and varied contributors involved in creative practice, including artists and designers, critics, and historians but also entrepreneurs, PR professionals, lawyers, and public policy professionals with a focus on the visual arts. Over the years, many editorial advisors and inspiring interns have contributed to artdesigncafe’s development.

artdesigncafe.com archive content has been linked in by newspapers like the Guardian and Los Angeles Times; RTE.ie national radio in Ireland; art, design and music magazines; museum websites; etc. Some archived content is used in a range of university courses internationally. Also involved in art exhibition projects, artdesigncafe has contributed to a collateral event at the Venice Biennial and a European Capital of Culture project in Germany. In a previous manifestation, exhibitions took place in Bangkok, Brussels, Hong Kong, and Rotterdam.

artdesigncafe also offers a range of communications services to support visual arts projects and initiatives. For more information, click Communications services.


R. J. Preece started artdesigncafe in 2009. Preece is an international art and design journalist, communications/copywriting consultant, and project organizer. To date, he has published over 300 texts in magazines and books. His interviews and writings are cited in museum and biennial catalogues and books globally, as well as major international newspapers; these citations extend across the subject fields of art, creative business, design, law, music, and specialized language training for art and design. Preece has also been a Contributing Editor of Sculpture magazine since 1999.

His interdisciplinary work also includes extensive experience consulting on and producing over 700 communications texts related to product design and technology focused on a range of multi-national companies. Preece has also worked as a project/media relations consultant directly for clients appearing in outlets such as Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN Asia, the Telegraph and the USA Today network (distributed on over 100 US TV and newspaper websites).

Grounded in business as well as the arts, Preece has a BA (Honors & Distinction) in Art History with cultural economics; an MEd in Education, in which he crafted a specialization in the Language of Art and Design; and an MA (Distinction) focused on Design History utilizing critical communications methodology. Over the years, he has given numerous talks and taught courses at several universities in BA, MA, and MBA programs in northwest Europe, East Asia, and Philadelphia, USA. He is passionate about creative entrepreneurial practice and organized two industry-education projects, focused on students delivering professional-level results, situated in university programs in Rome and metropolitan London.