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President, A. H. Jones; Secretary and Treasurer, W. E. Gard. Manufacturers of Piano, Banquet and Table Lamps, Brass Tables, Cabinets, Music Racks, Easels, etc. Our Productions are always the latest in Style and Finish; Sole Manufacturers of the Meriden Central Draft Lamp, which has no superior. New York Salesroom, 30 Park Place; Salesroom, Office and Factories, Meriden, Conn."

— D.H. Hurd & Co. in Town and city atlas of the State of Connecticut. Compiled from government surveys, county records and personal investigations (1893), (p. 211). (See entry below.)

A. Meriden Bronze Co. (1884 - c. 1901) design catalogues and historical information

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Various newspapers, magazines and other sources

(c. 1884-). Various newspapers, magazines and other sources - search engines. (Updated 18 October 2017.)


Design brochure

Meriden Bronze Co. (c. 1890). Black’s new incandescent vapor lamp: For brilliant and economical lighting purposes. 1 folded sheet (24 pp.) Meriden, CT. (Updated 11 April 2017. A00694.)

Historical information

(1891). On "The Meriden Bronze Company", (p. 160). In Connecticut of to-day: Its chief business centres. Acme Publishing and Engraving: New York. (Viewed 3 March 2017. A01543; A01555-56.)

"The New York salesrooms of the company are at No. 30 Park Place."


Meriden Bronze Co. (2 January 1891). Advertisement: "The Meriden Bronze Co., Manufacturers of Chandeliers and Lamps, Artistic Brass Goods, Cabinet Hardware, Furniture Trimmings, Tea, Call and Hotel Bells..." Meriden Daily Republican, p. 4, column 2. (Viewed 8 September 2017. G00220).

Historical information

D.H. Hurd & Co. (1893). "Meriden Bronze Co.", [p. 211 (see excerpt above)]. In Town and city atlas of the State of Connecticut. Compiled from government surveys, county records and personal investigations. (Viewed 24 May 2016. A00691; A00693.)

Historical information

Gillespie, Charles Bancroft (compiled by). (1895). On "Meriden Bronze Company", (p. 36, with illustration of building), In Art souvenir edition of the Meriden Daily Journal illustrating the city of Meriden, Connecticut in the year 1895. The Journal Publishing Company: Meriden, CT. (Viewed 12 June 2016. A00787-88.)

"MERIDEN BRONZE CO.: The manufacture of lamps has recently made Meriden more famous than perhaps any other branch of its diversified product. The Meriden Bronze Company... has won its full share of fame... The company’s catalogue shows a marvel of artisanship, and contains an innumerable quantity of styles in the goods made... the New York salesrooms are at 30 Park Place." (excerpt from text above)


(1896). Meriden, Connecticut map, (p. 2 showing triangle building between Britannia Street and North Colony and the Meriden Bronze Co.). Sanborn Map & Publishing Co. 32 leaves. (Viewed 2 March 2017. A01515-16.)

Historical information

Davis, William T. (Ed.) (c. 1897). On "Meriden Bronze Company", (p. 930-31). In The New England states, their constitutional, judicial, educational, commercial, professional and industrial history, vol. 2. Boston: D. H. Hurd & Co. (Viewed 9 June 2017. A02626; A02633.)


News mention

(June 1900). News mention: "The National Bank of Norwalk has filed a petition in court... Meriden Bronze Company..." House Furnishing Review, p. 327. (Viewed 11 October 2017. G01076).

News mention

(June 1900). News mention: "H. Wales Lines has been appointed permanent receiver of the Meriden Bronze Company..." House Furnishing Review, p. 343. (Viewed 11 October 2017. G01077.)

News mention

(June 1900). News mention: "The New York office of the Meriden Bronze Company, now in the hands of a receiver..." House Furnishing Review, p. 354. (Viewed 11 October 2017. G01078.)

Newspaper article

(17 January 1906). Bought by Bergen; Cut glass company closes deal for Meriden Bronze shop. Meriden Daily Journal, p. 1. (Viewed 10 October 1906. AAA00673.)

  • Offline - Meriden Public Library, "Meriden - Industries - Glass" file.
  • Offline - Meriden Public Library, Meriden newspapers on microfiche.

News mention

(1 February 1906). News mention: "The J. D. Bergen Co. has purchased the Meriden, Conn., Bronze Co’s factory and will remove its cut glass plant to that building before April 1. The Bergen Co’s present quarters have been bought by the International Silver Co." Crockery & Glass Journal, p. 32. (Viewed 9 October 2017. G01235.)


Magazine article mention

Hogan, E. P. (April 1978). 19th century call bells in silverplate. Spinning Wheel, pp. 16-17+. (Viewed 11 November 2017. AAA00698.)

> Meriden Britannia Co.: 8 call bells from 1861 catalogue; 3 figural call bells from their 1878 catalogue; 18 call bells from their 1886 catalogue;
> Also, Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company; Derby Silver Company; Meriden Bronze Company; Meriden Silver Plate Co.; Middletown Plate Co.; Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co.; Wilcox Silver Plate Co.

  • Offline - "Meriden - Industries - Silver" file, Meriden Public Library, CT.
  • See for other locations.


Secondary source

Hogan, Edmund P. (1980). "Meriden Bronze Company" mention, [pp. 23 (call bells, as possible supplier to Meriden area silver companies). In The elegance of old silver plate and some personalities. Schiffer Publishing Limited: Exton, PA. (Updated 19 April 2017. DM.)


Secondary source

D’Ambrosio, Anna Tobin. (2005). On "Meriden Bronze Company", (p. 54). In Brass menagerie: Metalwork of the aesthetic movement. Utica, NY: Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. (Updated 19 April 2017. A00692.)

n. d.

Secondary source

The lampworks website. (undated). The Meriden Bronze Company (informational web page). (Viewed 24 May 2016. A00695.)


Meriden Bronze Co. (undated). 36 patents. (Viewed 24 May 2016. A00695.)

[1] Regarding "active 1832-1957", see D’Ambrosio, Anna Tobin. (2005). Brass menagerie: Metalwork of the aesthetic movement. Utica, NY: Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. (ISBN: 0915895293), page 54. [A00692]

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