Clement Beecher designs in collections and exhibitions (2016)

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| Design Meriden | 28 March 2016 | Updated 27 March 2017

Clement Beecher designs

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Clement Beecher. (1810-20). Tablespoon. Silver. Accession no. 1962.0240.964. Winterthur Museum, Delaware. Viewed 28 March 2017. [A01825]

clement beecher meriden

Clement Beecher. Spoons (12 examples), (c. 1805-1825). Silver; various dimensions. Accession nos. 1985.86.66; 1985.87.234-7; 1985.87.238.1-.2; 1992.63.4; 1993.51.38.1-.4. Yale University Gallery of Art, New Haven, CT. Viewed 28 March 2016. [A00182]

This compilation is currently in development. If you know of any Clement Beecher objects in museum collections or comparable, please send your web links to artdesigncafe and we will add them to the growing compilation. The goal is to enable more productive research into Clement Beecher design and facilitate new discoveries.