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"Hall & Callahan; John Hall and Thomas F. Callahan entered into a partnership in 1914 to produce high grade stone-engraved glassware; their shop was located on Sherman Avenue, in Meriden, Connecticut, and it operated from 1914 to 1917. After Hall died, Callahan moved their equipment to Hawley, Pennsylvania where he operated a division of the Monoghan Brothers cut glassworks. Callahan was their manager and chief designer. In 1918, Callahan returned to Meriden and entered the employ of the J. J. Niland Company as their designer and foreman of the cutting department."— Revi, Albert Christian. (1965). American cut and engraved glass, p. 100. See entry below for more information.

Hall & Callahan - historical information (by year)

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Various newspapers, magazines and other sources

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1965 - book mention

Revi, Albert Christian. (1965). Hall & Callahan mention, (p. 100). (See excerpt at the top of this webpage.) In American cut and engraved glass. Nelson. (Viewed 28 September 2020. AAA0613; E01566; L01962).

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