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(1849) - Perkins, G.W. Historical sketches of Meriden. Franklin E. Hinman: West Meriden. 117 pp. ("on pp. 115-17, "Manufactures in Meriden in 1849" are listed.) Viewed 11 June 2016. [A00779-80]

(1868) - Bishop, J. Leander. "Manufactures in Meriden" (Charles Parker companies and Jedediah Wilcox companies, mentions of Bradley & Hubbard, Meriden Britannia Company, Meriden Cutlery Company, Julius Pratt-related ivory companies, Foster, Merriam, and Co., etc.), (pp. 424- 426). In A history of American manufactures from 1608-1860 (3rd edition, revised and enlarged). 643 pp. Philadelphia: Edward Young & Co. Courtesy University of Michigan. Viewed 15 June 2016. [A00816-18]

(1868 - 1931) - Meriden directories, only listing residents (probable reprints). (Offline - Meriden Public Library.) Viewed 3 November 2017. [AAA00686-88]

(1870) - Davis, Charles Henry Stanley. History of Wallingford, Conn. From its settlement in 1670 to the present time: Including Meriden, which was one of its parishes until 1806, and Cheshire, which was incorporated in 1780. (Manufacturers section: pp. 472-495; illustrations; biographies.) 1086 pp. Courtesy University of California Libaries. Meriden: Published by the author. Viewed 13 June 2016. [A00793-94]

(1887) - Beckford, William Hale. Leading business men of New Haven (county) [“Meriden” and “Leading business men of Meriden” (pp. 223-47), including descriptions of Chapman Mfg. Co.; Griswold, Rochmond & Glock; Meriden Britannia Co. (with illustrations of building; and advert on inside back cover); Meriden Malleable Iron Co.; C. F. Monroe; Wilcox & White Organ Co. (with piano illustration); “Wallingford” and “Leading business men of Wallingford” (pp. 265-70), including descriptions of Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. (with product illustration) and R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co.] 284 pp. Mercantile Pub. Co.: Boston. Courtesy The Library of Congress. Viewed 17 June 2016. [A00858-59]

(1891) - Sweetser, Moses Forster. (1891). On the Bradley & Hubbard Mfg. Co. and Meriden Britannia in Meriden, CT, and two illustrations (pp. 130 & 134-5) (direct to pdf). In King’s Hand-book of the United States planned and edited by M. King. [Text by M. F. Sweetser ... Illustrations, etc.] London; Buffalo [printed] Osgood, McIlvaine & Co. Courtesy British Library, London [UIN no. BLL01014841377]. Viewed 25 June 2006. [A00090-92]

(1891) - Spalding, J. A. (1891). Illustrated popular biography of Connecticut. Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company: Hartford, Conn. Viewed 28 March 2018. [AAA001601-02]

(1892) - Rockey, John L. History of New Haven County, Connecticut, v. 1. (Chapters on Wallingford and Meriden, including biographical sketches of selected entrepreneurs, pp. 340-656.) 966 pp. New York: W. W. Preston & Co. Courtesy University of California Libraries. Viewed 12 June 2016. [A00783-84]

(1892) - Rockey, John L. History of New Haven County, Connecticut, v. 2. 1126 pp. (Includes Derby and Waterbury, sites of ISC predecessor companies/ divisions.) New York: W.W. Preston & Co. Courtesy Allen County Library, Fort Wayne, IN [A00795-96]

(1893) - D.H. Hurd & Co. Town and city atlas of the State of Connecticut. Compiled from government surveys, county records and personal investigations. Boston, MA; 223 pp. (Includes some illustrations of Meriden-Wallingford and ISC predecessor companies and short descriptions at the back of the book.) Courtesy University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. Viewed 12 June 2016. [A00085-87]

(1893) - The Silver City, Meriden, Conn. (“Photomechanical reproductions of photographs of Meriden, Connecticut, accompanied by two short essays titled "Early Meriden" and "The Town and City of Meriden." Includes street views and images of local businesses, residences, churches, and portraits of prominent citizens.”) 140 pp; [Columbia University call no. AA735 M467 Si38 S; Connecticut State Library call no. F104.M5 S5 1893; New York Historical Society call no. F104.M8 S5 1893]. (For more locations, see worldcat.org.) Viewed 13 June 2016. [A00797-99]

(1895) - Hall, Henry. America’s successful men of affairs. An encyclopedia of contemporaneous biography (vol II). The New York Tribune; 1074 pp. (This volume includes a number of profiles of Meriden area entrepreneurs.) Courtesy University of California, Berkeley. Viewed 12 June 2016. [A00083-84]

(1895) - Gillespie, Charles Bancroft (compiled by). Art souvenir edition of the Meriden Daily Journal illustrating the city of Meriden, Connecticut in the year 1895. 86 pp. (Includes a lot of information about Meriden companies and entrepreneurs.) The Journal Publishing Company: Meriden, CT. Courtesy Connecticut State Library, Hartford, CT. Viewed 12 June 2016. [A00787-88]

(1895) - Gillespie, Charles Bancroft (compiled by). Souvenir History of Wallingford, Connecticut, 1895. 58 pp. (Includes some information about Wallingford companies and entrepreneurs.) The Journal Publishing Company: Meriden, CT. Courtesy Cornell University. Viewed 14 June 2016. [A00805-06]

(1906) - Gillespie, Charles Bancroft & Curtis, George Munson. A century of Meriden: A historic record and pictorial description of the town of Meriden, Connecticut and the men who made it, from earliest settlement to close of its first century of incorporation. 1248 pp. (Includes sections on Meriden industry and many photographs.) Courtesy Allen County Public Library, Ft. Wayne, IN Viewed 12 June 2016. [A00791-92]

(1906) – Atwater, Francis (compiled by). Centennial of Meriden, June 10-16, 1906: report of the proceedings, with full description of the many events of its successful celebration: Old Home Week: Meriden, Conn., the "Silver City" / published under the auspices of the General Centennial Committee. 416 pp. Journal Publishing Co.: Meriden. [Includes some photos and a key text by Julius H. Pratt, "The infant industries of Meriden during the second quarter of the last century", (pp. 323-34).] Courtesy The Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Viewed 13 June 2016. [A00800-01]

(c. 1911) - Meriden Illustrated. William S. Kline & Company: Kinderhook, NY. 30 pp. Courtesy Connecticut State Library, Hartford, CT. Viewed 12 June 2016. [A00781; A00786] [1]

(1915) - Marquis, Albert Nelson. Who’s who in New England, (2nd ed.). [Entries include George Curtis, Edward Miller, Dexter Parker, George Rockwell, C. B. Rogers, Horace Wilcox, and more.] 1207 pp. A. N. Marquis & Company: Chicago. Courtesy Harvard University. Viewed 17 June 2016. [A00860-66]

(1917) - Encyclopedia of Connecticut biography, vol 3. [On William Edgerton Bliss and E. A. Bliss, (pp 73-76); Nathaniel L. Bradley and Bradley & Hubbard, (pp. 31-4); Edward Miller and Edward Miller (II) (pp. 5-8); Charles Rockwell (and Miller Brothers Cutlery Company), (pp. 67-8); Gilbert Rogers (and C. Rogers & Brothers), (pp. 342-46); George H. Wilcox, president of International Silver Company, and Horace C. Wilcox (partner, Meriden Britannia; director: Manning, Bowman & Co.; Meriden Silver Plate Co.; Rogers Brothers (Waterbury); R. Wallace & Sons (Wallingford); William Rogers Manufacturing Co. (Hartford), (pp. 70-3).] The American Historical Society, Inc.: Boston, New York, Chicago. Courtesy Connecticut State Library. Viewed 28 November 2016. [AAA00525-41] (Other volumes on archive.org with a few other entries on Meriden-related entrepreneurs. Those found are indicated on the company pages.)

(1918) - Hill, Everett G. A modern history of New Haven and eastern New Haven County, v. 1. [Includes detailed information pertaining to industry (Meriden, pp. 284-307; Wallingford, pp. 319-29).] New York; Chicago: S. J. Clarke Publishing Company. Courtesy Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN. Viewed 12 June 2016. [A00777-78]

(1918) - Hill, Everett G. A modern history of New Haven and eastern New Haven County, v. 2. (Includes biographies of some entrepreneurs.) 907 pp. New York; Chicago: S. J. Clarke Publishing Company. Courtesy Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN. Viewed 13 June 2016. [A00802-03]

(1922) - Atwater, Francis. Memoirs of Francis Atwater, half century of recollections of an unusually active life. (A considerable amount of text offers detailed and sometimes critical information about various businesses and entrepreneurs in Meriden.) 313 pp. Horton Printing Co.: Meriden. Courtesy University of Toronto. Viewed 12 June 2016. [A00782; A00785]

(1932 - 1970, some between 1971-1980) - Meriden directories (many showing advertisements). (Offline - Meriden Public Library.) Viewed 3 November 2017. [AAA00686; AAA00688-89]

(1956) Wendover, Sanford H. 150 years of Meriden. Meriden: Meriden Sesquicentennial Committee. [Published in connection with the observance of the city’s sesquicentennial, June 17-23, 1956, includes two chapters focused on Meriden industry ("14. Industry of the 19th Century" and "28. Local industry since 1900") and many photographs.] Courtesy of University of Connecticut Libraries, Storrs, CT. Viewed 12 June 2016. [A00789-90]

(1988) - Vumbaco, Brenda J. Meriden – Connecticut crossroads: An illustrated history. 144 pages. Produced in cooperation with the Meriden Economic Development Corporation. (Includes information about historical and current Meriden industry.) Windsor Publications: Northridge, CA. Yale University Library, call no. F104 M5 V85 1988 (LC)+ Oversize (link to library entry). (See worldcat.org for other locations.) Updated 9 May 2017. [A00804] [DM]

(2010) - Franco, Jan Leach. Meriden. Arcadia Publishing: Charleston, SC. ISBN: 978-0-7385-7332-8. 127 pp. (Includes historical photos and advertisements related to Meriden industries. An excellent, quick overview.)

[1] While the book is catalogued as "undated", on page 8, a business school in Meriden that is profiled is described as opening in 1896 and in its 15th year of operation.

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