Rogers & Hamilton designs in collections (2016)

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"[Rogers & Hamilton] was organized in 1886 for the production of knives and spoons... When it became part of the International Silver Co. in 1898, its production was consolidated with that of Rogers & Bro. in Waterbury. The lines were shortly discontinued."

— Edmund P. Hogan in An American heritage: A book on the International Silver Company (1977), p. 168-69.

This compilation focuses on selected designs by Meriden-related Rogers brothers companies and exhibitions including their work. For design catalogues and other historical information concerning these companies, click the link above. For comparable material about other Meriden-related Rogers silver and cutlery companies, see the Rogers section (under "B. ISC, predecessors and divisions") on the Design Meriden overview page.

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A. Rogers & Hamilton designs in collections


Sugar spoon

Rogers & Hamilton. (after 1886). Sugar shaker spoon. Silver. (Accession no. D1981.28.440. Viewed 7 April 2017. AAA0053-161.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

Sugar tongs

Rogers & Hamilton. (c. 1887). Sugar tongs. Silver plate. (Accession no. 87.223.7. Viewed 5 March 2017. A01625.)

Berry spoon

Rogers & Hamilton. (patented 1887). Berry spoon, Cardinal pattern. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1990.90.8. Viewed 6 March 2017. A01663.)

Sugar spoon

Rogers & Hamilton. (1887). Sugar spoon. Silver plate. (Accession no. N-170. Viewed 10 April 2017. A02138.)

Oyster fork

Rogers & Hamilton. (patented 1888). Oyster fork, "Lenox Pattern". Silver plate. (Accession no. 1991.144.6. Viewed 8 March 2017. A01750.)


Rogers and Hamilton. (1889). Tablespoon (“Monarch” pattern). Silver plate. (Accession no. 1989.30.3. Viewed 27 March 2017. A01799.)

Sugar spoon

Rogers & Hamilton. (1889). Sugar spoon. Silver plate. (Accession no. N-178. Viewed 10 April 2017. A02139.)


Butter knife

Rogers & Hamilton. (c. 1893). Butter knife. Silver plate. (Object no. 1942.67. Viewed 9 April 2017. A02047.)


Rogers & Hamilton. (patented 1895). Fork, Aldine Pattern. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1995.21.4. Viewed 6 March 2017. A01672.)


Rogers & Hamilton. (patented 1896). Teaspoon. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1989.71.5. Viewed 5 March 2017. A01646.)



Rogers & Hamilton / (possibly ISC). (c. 1900). Spoons. (Accession no. N-158-A, B, C, D. Viewed 10 April 2017. A02137.)

n. d.

Pair of serving spoons

Rogers & Hamilton. (undated). Pair of serving spoons. Silver plate. (Accession no. N-188-A, B. Viewed 10 April 2017. A02140.)

Dessert spoons

Rogers & Hamilton. (undated). Set of dessert spoons. (Accession no. I-19. Viewed 10 April 2017. A02121.)

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