Künstlerheim Luise and Schloss Bröllin (1997)

R. J. Preece
artdesigncafé - design | 23 November 2010
This article first appeared in World Sculpture News, 3(1), pp. 12-3 in 1997 with the title “Art lodging”.

For art travelers in [the Berlin area], two unusual, low-cost lodging options are available: the Künstlerheim Luise and Schloss Bröllin.

Steps away from the former Berlin Wall in Mitte, the Künstlerheim Luise offers rooms near East Berlin’s art and café scene. Each room takes on a theme set by a local artist, and costs about US$20-30 per night; for each night’s stay, the artist/interior designer receives a commission. The hotel is quite popular with artists visiting, exhibiting, and performing in Berlin. Luisenstrasse 19, 10117 Berlin Tel: (49-30) 280 69 41; Fax: (49-30) 280 69 42.

Second, about an hour and a half by train north of Berlin, near the Polish border, Schloss Bröllin, a research laboratory for experimental art, offers single rooms for about US$17 a day; double pay for double rooms and dormitory space is even cheaper. Housed in a former farm collective before the fall of the Berlin Wall, it now acts as the headquarters for performance groups such as RA.M.M, tatoeba, and TEN PEN CHii ART FACTORY, and features cultural activities and occasional performances. (You might just see butoh performer Yumiko Yoshioka of tatoeba practicing on a 30 ft. sculpture.) Meals are offered in a converted silo reminiscent of The Last Supper. Artists’ studios, meeting rooms, and a dance/performance space are also available for rent. Dorfstrasse 3, 17 309 Bröllin, Tel/Fax: (49-39) 747 50 235.