RPProjects combined forces (1997-2009) with like-minded artists, designers, academics, writers and exhibition spaces.

We aimed to make aesthetic and communications statements that inspire those in their respective local communities—and transmit this inspiration across borders via media to those in our international tribes.

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Ron Mandos RPProjects

Detail from Visual. Textual. Visual featuring Silvia B.’s Ira jr. at Ron Mandos galerie, Amsterdam, 2009.

> RPP Visual. Textual. Visual. (during Brussels Biennial & Amsterdam, 2008-09)

> Artwriting workshop: RPP Just get Published! (Rome & London area, 2008-09)

> Art exhibition: 2step at Center of Contemporary Non-Objective Art + RPProjects, Brussels (2002)

> RPProjects: A triptych across time at Museum van Nagsael, Rotterdam (2002)

> Lisa Holden at Ron Mandos galerie, Rotterdam (2000). Curator: RPProjects

> Susan Morris at Project 304, Bangkok (1999). Co-curator: RPProjects

> Yoshiko Shimada at John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong (1997). Extensive media coverage including CNN Asia. Initiator/Curator: RPProjects