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Organized in Brooklyn, New York in 1872, the business moved to Lyons, New York, in 1889. In 1893, a business owned by A. H. Towar was purchased and continued under the name New Haven Silver Plate Co. The firm was in the original group that formed International Silver Co. Around 1900 the plant was dismantled and the machinery, tools, and material moved to Meriden. The trademark was used on inexpensive silverplated hollowware until about 1908."

— Edmund P. Hogan in An American heritage: A book about the International Silver Company (1977), p. 167

A. Manhattan Silver Plate Co. - historical information [1]

manhattan silver plate co lyons ny

International Silver Company. (1853-1931). International Silver Company records. [International Silver Company]. [Acquisitions is 1898-1903 — 1898: “Barbour Silver Company (Hartford), * Holmes & Edwards Silver Company (Bridgeport), * Manhattan Silver Plate, (Lyons, New York), * Meriden Britannia Company (Meriden), * Norwich Cutlery (Norwich), * William Rogers Manufacturing Company (Hartford), Rogers Cutlery (Hartford), Rogers and Brothers (Waterbury), Rogers and Hamilton (Waterbury), Wilcox Silver Plate (Meriden), Watrous Manufacturing Company (Wallingford), Standard Silver Company, Ltd. ( Toronto, Canada)”. 1899: “Derby Silver Company (Derby), Simpson, Hall, Miller & Company (Wallingford), Simpson Nickel Company (Wallingford), Middletown Plate Company (Middletown).” 1903: United States Silver Corporation, including * C. Rogers & Brothers (Meriden). University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT call no. 1980.0008 (link to library entry). Updated 11 April 2017. [A00419]

“*” indicates represented in the UCONN records collection.

manhattan silver plate co lyons ny

Manhattan Silver Plate Co., exhibitor in World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago, (1 May - 30 October 1893). See: (1893). World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893 (Chicago), Official catalogue, Part VIII. [Listed on p. 28]. W. B. Conkey Company: Chicago. Courtesy North Central College, Naperville, IL. Viewed 13 May 2017. [A00850; A02429]

manhattan silver plate co lyons ny

Manhattan Silver Plate Co. (1893). Souvenir reference book 1492-1893. 32 pp. (“Presented by Manhattan Silver Plate Co. Chicago salesroom, 63-65 Washington St.; Pocket souvenir book issued by Manhattan Silver Plate Co consisting primarily of pages with illustrations of Columbian World’s Fair buildings opposite ruled memo pages for taking notes.”) University of Pennsylvania call no. T500.A2 M25 1893 (link to library entry); Chicago History Museum call no. T500.A2 M25 1893. Updated 11 April 2017. [A00673-74]

manhattan silver plate co lyons ny

(Various years). Various advertisements and newspaper articles - search engines. See: Chronicling America at Library of Congress; (over 35 million historical newspaper pages from USA and Canada); and Google News. Viewed 16 October 2016.

B. Manhattan Silver Plate Co. - secondary source information

manhattan silver plate co lyons ny

Hogan, Edmund P. (1977). On "Manhattan Silver Plate Co.", [p. 167 (statement in full above)]. In An American heritage: A book about the International Silver Company. Taylor Publishing Company: Dallas, TX. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York call no. HD9536.Uf4 I554 1977 (link to library entry). (See for other locations.) Updated 17 April 2017. [DM]

[1] Manhattan Silver Plate Co. was acquired by the International Silver Company in 1898. At this juncture, it is not known at Design Meriden if they continued operations under this name after the acquisition. See "A Guide to the International Silver Company Records, 1853-1921 (link to library entry)". University of Connecticut university libraries website. Viewed 15 May 2016 [A00660-61]

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