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G. I. Mix and co spoons

Above, illustrations concerning improvements in the manufacture of spoons by G. I. Mix (Letters patent no. 31,555; 26 February 1861). For more information, see the listing below.

"G. I. Mix & Co., at Yalesville [CT, now part of Wallingford], are extensive manufacturers of Britannia goods... There are in all ten buildings, the main factory being 40 by 100 feet and four stories high, with a large brick wing.... One hundred and fifty persons are employed, mainly in the manufacture of Britannia goods, but carpenters’ tools and other specialties are also made. Garry I. Mix continues at the head of the firm."

— John L. Rockey in History of New Haven County, Connecticut, v. 1 (1892), p. 351. (See entry below.)

A. G. I. Mix designs in expositions


1876 - Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia

10 May - 10 November 1876. Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia.

> Unspecified "iron and britannia spoons, silver plated water coolers, etc." exhibited by G. I. Mix & Co. (Unspecified award recipient.)

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B. G. I. Mix & Co. - designs at auction houses


c. 1840 - coffee pot

G. I. Mix & Co. (c. 1840). Coffee pot. (Viewed 28 June 2020. F01265).

C. G. I. Mix design catalogues and historical information (by year)

G. I. Mix & Co.; successor: C. I. Yale Mfg. Co.

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Various newspapers, magazines and other sources

(c. 1853-). Various newspapers, magazines and other sources - search engines. (Updated 17 June 2020; L01619.)

1856 - map

(1856). Map of New Haven County, Connecticut [with marking for G. I. Mix]. H & C. T. Smith: Philadelphia. (Viewed 1 October 2020. E01632).

1857 - patent - making iron spoons

G. I. Mix. (27 October 1857). Letters patent no. 18,513: Making iron spoons. (31 March 2018. AAA001107.)

1859 - patent - iron spoon

G. I. Mix. (20 September 1859). Letters patent no. 25,518: Iron spoon. (Viewed 28 August 2018. H00362).


1861 - patent - improvement in manufacture of spoons

G. I. Mix. (26 February 1861). Letters patent no. 31,555: Improvement in manufacture of spoons. (13 March 2018. AAA001108.)


1871 - patent - making iron spoons

G. I. Mix. (Reissued 8 August 1871). Letters patent no. 18,513 (27 October 1857); reissue no. 4506: Making iron spoons. (13 March 2018. AAA001107.)

1873 - design catalogue section

(1873, handwritten). Section: "G. I. Mix & Co.’s tea and table spoons", (pp. 537-40). In The Hart, Bliven & Mead Manufacturing Co.’s catalogue and price list (Sample and salesrooms, 18 & 20 Cliff Street; Offices and Warehouse, 243 & 245 Pearl Street, New York.) (Viewed 31 March 2018. AAA01686-89).

1874 - patent - improvement in sheet-metal spoons

Garry I. Mix. (18 August 1874; filed 5 February 1873). Letters patent no. 154,269: Improvement in sheet-metal spoons. (Viewed 19 June 2020. L01423).

1875 - design catalogue

G. I. Mix. (1875). G. I. Mix & Co.’s catalogue and price list. 40 pp. Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor: New Haven, CT. (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00163.)

1876 - book mention - G. I. Mix & Co. in Philadelphia Centennial exhibition

(1876). List of awards made by the United States Centennial Commission to the American Exhibitors, International Exhibition, 1876, at Philadelphia. [Listed: "Geo. I Mix and Co., Yalesville, Conn., Iron and Britannia Spoons, Silver Plated Water Coolers, etc." (p. 51). The actual award received is not indicated in this text; exhibition dates: 10 May - 10 November 1876.] S. T. Souder & Company: Philadelphia. (Viewed 24 May 2020. A00841-42; H01670.)

1876 - book mention - G. I. Mix & Co. in Philadelphia Centennial exhibition

(1877). Souvenir of the Centennial exhibition [1876]: Connecticut’s representation at Philadelphia. [Core section: pp 99-111; also see exhibits list: pp. 124-27; Exhibitors including Britannia and Tin Ware: G. I. Mix (Yalesville); exhibition dates: 10 May - 10 November 1876]. 380 pp. Geo. D. Curtis: Hartford, CT. (Viewed 25 June 2016. A00965-75.)

1876 - letter

(17 June 1876). Letter: G. I. Mix (to Shepherd & Lloyd). [Letter describes the construction and qualities of his cooler and Britannia flatware.] 1 page. (Viewed 5 September 2017. G00164.)

1877 - classified advertisement

G. I. Mix & Co. (8 June 1877). Classified advertisement: "Wanted— A tinner, for making tea and coffee pots; one acquainted with round and oval work and planishing; must be a first class workman and a sober, industrious man; no other need apply. Call, Friday and Saturday, at office of G. I. Mix & Co., 100 Chambers st." New York Herald, p. 12, col. 5. (Viewed 22 September 2018. B00378).


1882 - patent - design for a handle for spoons or forks

Garry I. Mix. (2 May 1882; filed 14 March 1882). Design no. 12,914: Design for a handle for spoons or forks. (Viewed 17 June 2020. L01620).


1892 - historical information

Rockey, John L. (1892). On "G. I. Mix & Co.", (pp. 351-52; "Garry Mix": p. 442; other possible mentions). In History of New Haven County, Connecticut, v. 1. New York: W.W. Preston and Company. (See excerpt at the top of this webpage. Viewed 24 August 2017. A00783-84; G00023-25.)

1893 - historical information

D.H. Hurd & Co. (1893). "G. I. Mix & Co.", (p. 214). In Town and city atlas of the State of Connecticut. Compiled from government surveys, county records and personal investigations. Boston, MA; 223 pp. (Viewed 23 August 2017. G00022.)

"[G. I. MIX & CO.], Manufacturers of German Silver Britannia; Tinned Iron and Silver Steel Spoons; General assortment of Retinned Kitchen Goods. New York Office, 82 Chambers St.; Works, Yalesville, Conn. Established 1853."

1893 - directory listing

(1893). "Mix G. I. & Co" listing. In The New England business directory and gazetteer, [p. 1378 (Britannia Ware Manufs.)]. (Sampson, Murdock & Co.: Boston, MA). (Viewed 5 May 2020. H01379).

c. 1897 - book mention

Davis, William T. (Ed.) (c. 1897). On "G. I. Mix", (p. 948). In The New England states, their constitutional, judicial, educational, commercial, professional and industrial history, vol. 2. Boston: D. H. Hurd & Co. (Viewed 23 September 2020. A02626; F01525.)

1899 - news brief

(20 September 1899). Purchased an island [a Thimble island, near Branford, CT, with mention of former owner, Ralph A. Palmer, cashier at the Charles Parker company and Charles Madeira, new owner, traveling salesman for G. I. Mix & Co.]. Santa Cruz Evening News (California). (Viewed 28 April 2020. H0125


1901 - news brief mention

(16 December 1901). More prizes; To be awarded at Wallingford Poultry Show [with mention of "G. I. Mix & Co. nickel plated coffee pot... "]. Meriden Daily Journal, p. 3, col. 4. (Viewed 17 July 2021. R00528).


1966 - encyclopedia entry

Rainwater, Dorothy T. (1966). "G. I. Mix & Co.", (p. 118). In American silver manufacturers: Their marks, trademarks and history. Everybodys Press: Hanover, PA. (Viewed 8 August 2020. L01882-83; L01909).


2004 - encyclopedia entry

Rainwater, Dorothy T.; Fuller, Martin; Fuller, Collette. (2004). "G. I. Mix & Co." [with marks], C. I. Yale Mfg. Co., (p. 164). Encyclopedia of American silver manufacturers, (revised and expanded 5th ed.). Schiffer Publishing: Atglen, PA. (Updated 8 August 2020. A02936a,b.)

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