E. T. Burgess Cut Glass Company - historical information

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"... The [E. T. Burgess Cut Glass Company (1896-99)] was organized March 16, 1896, with E. T. Burgess as president and James P. Stow secretary and treasurer. Mr. Burgess is an expert in cut glass..." — excerpt from news mention in House Furnishing Review, (January 1900), p. 30. For more information, see listing below.

E. T. Burgess Cut Glass Company - historical information (by year)

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Various newspapers, magazines and other sources

(c. 1890s-). Various newspapers, magazines and other sources - search engines.

1895 - news brief

(27 April 1895). After Meriden industries [with mention of E. T. Burgess]. Meriden Daily Journal, p. 1, col. 5. (Viewed 29 October 2020. F01685).

"A Mr. Webster, secretary of the Springfield board of trade, was in this city to-day endeavoring to induce E. T. Burgess, the Center street glass manufacturer, and P. J. Handel, manufacturer of decorated lamp shades, etc., to remove their plants to that city. The firms have the proposition under consideration... " (Excerpt from above.)

1896 - news mention

(May 1896). News mention: Presumably regarding [E.] T. Burgess, cut glass, Middletown. House Furnishing Review, p. 177. (Viewed 7 October 2020. E01697.)

"Middletown, Conn., has a new industry which may develop from small beginnings, as have other of Middletown’s industries, into one of the first magnitude. C. T. Burgess [presumably E. T. Burgess] has secured the lease of premises with electric power, and has started a cut-glass factory. Mr. Burgess has graduated from the workshop, and has the hand and eye of the artist-mechanic." (Excerpt from above.)


1900 - news mention

(January 1900). News mention regarding E. T. Burgess Cut Glass Company. House Furnishing Review, p. 30. (Viewed 29 September 2020. G01061.)

"E. T. Burgess Cut Glass Company, Middletown, Conn., has decided to suspend business indefinitely... for a time the demand for the product of the factory exceeded its capacity. Some of the sales made in the beginning of the business were to irresponsible parties from which the company was unable to realize.

Two fires have occurred at the factory, causing considerable loss not only in manufactured goods, but to the machinery, which was valuable and hard to duplicate. Since the last fire, about six weeks ago, the stockholders have been considering closing the plant, which they have finally decided upon..." (Excerpt from above.)

1900 - news mention

(May 1900). [Untitled news mention; with mention of E. T. Burgess and International Silver Company]. House Furnishing Review, p. 275. (Viewed 13 January 2021. C01544).

"E. T. Burgess, president of the Burgess Cut Glass Company, which for several years did a business in Middletown, Conn., has disposed of a large share of the stock owned by the company to the International Silver Company, of Meriden. It is the intention of Mr. Burgess to again engage in the manufacture of cut glass about September 1 in Middletown." (Excerpt from above.)

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