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"Silver City Cut Glass Co. / Silver City Glass Co.
Established in 1905 in [a] building on Hicks Street, [Meriden, CT, the company] was later on Colony Street. [The company] produced high grade cut glass tableware, ornamental pieces such as vases, lamps, etc. [with] excellent workmanship. Three practical glasscutters formed [the] partnership, Percy Phoenix, A. Abercumos and Joseph Schnick. In 1920, Carl A. Schultz, cutting shop [foreman] at that time, bought out the business and continued operations on North Colony Street. Later, Schultz purchased the Delaney Building on Charles Street where the business is still carried on. Mr. Schultz passed away in 1961. His son Robert is now President of the company, now know as the Silver City Glass Company. [1/95 notation: Last listed in Meriden City Directory in 1984.]

— Mollie C. Nolan. (October 1967). "Early glass craftsmen in Meriden" (unpublished document). (See entry below.)

A. Silver City Glass Co. (1905-84) designs in collections

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1970-81 - vase

Silver City Glass Co. (1970-81). Vase. Glass. (Accession no. 84.4.195. Viewed 3 September 2017. G00142.)

B. Silver City Glass Co. design catalogues and historical information (by year)

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Various newspapers, magazines and other sources

(c. 1905-). Various newspapers, magazines and other sources - search engines. (Updated 18 October 2017.)

1905 - news mention

(June 1905). News mention: Silver City Cut Glass Company opens. House Furnishing Review, p. 405. (Viewed 2 October 2017. G01003.)

1905-1920 - ephemera

Silver City Glass Co. (1905-1920). Ephemera (unspecified). In The Jay and Micki Doros collection of ephemera and documents concerning glass-related companies and subjects. (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00171.)

1906 - historical information

Gillespie, Charles Bancroft & Curtis, George Munson. (1906). "Silver City Cut Glass Co." sub-section (pp. 212-22, including portraits of Percy Phoenix, A. Abercunos [sic?], and Joseph Schnick). In A century of Meriden: A historic record and pictorial description of the town of Meriden, Connecticut and the men who made it, from earliest settlement to close of its first century of incorporation, (Part III). 1248 pp overall. (Viewed 3 September 2017. G00143-45.)


c. 1911 - historical information

(c. 1911). "Silver City Cut Glass Co." section, (p. 11, including photo of building). In Meriden Illustrated. William S. Kline & Company: Kinderhook, NY. (Viewed 3 September 2017. G00146.)

1918 - map

(1918). Aero view of Meriden, Connecticut. [Including listing of "Silver City Cut Glass Co... 123 Hicks Street".] Hughes & Bailey: Boston. (Viewed 3 September 2017. G00147.)

Click the following link to see designs and documentation for other historical glass companies from the Meriden area on the historical Meriden design overview page. Scroll down to section B: "ISC, predecessors & divisions - Meriden Cut Glass Company" and C: "Other featured companies". Please note that many of the listed historical silver companies also at times included glass in their designs.


1940 - patent - combined container and ashtray

Carl A. Schultz, assignor to Silver City Glass Co. (30 January 1940; filed 5 February 1938). Patent no. 2,188,692; serial no. 188,861: Combined container and ashtray. (Viewed 11 March 2018. AAA01078.)

1940-73 - collection of papers

Silver City Glass Co.; J. Stanley Brothers. (1940-73). Collection of papers (122 items). (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00168.)

1949 - design catalogue

Silver City Glass Co. (1949). Silver city: Sterling on crystal 1949 catalog. 14 pp. (Viewed 3 September 2017. G00148-49.)


1952-65 - advertisements, reprints

Silver City Glass Co. (1952-65). Advertisements [1952-65]. In Silver City Glass Company (electronic resource), compiled by Philip L. Hopper. (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00167.)


1960 - design catalogue reprint

Silver City Glass Co. (1960). [Catalogue]. Reprinted, perhaps partially, pp. 1-35, two pages per leaf, M. Birkinbine: Meridian, ID, (c. 1998-2002), 17 pp. (Viewed 3 September 2017. G00150.)

1960-75? - design catalogue

Silver City Glass Co. (1960-75?). Silver City memories in sterling-on-crystal. 24 pp. (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00154.)

c. 1962 - design catalogue reprint

Silver City Glass Co. (c. 1962). Sterling on crystal non-tarnish: gold on crystal 22K. Reprinted c. 2000. 26 pp. West Virginia Museum of American Glass: Weston, WV. (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00170.)

c. 1962 - design catalogue - photocopy

Silver City Glass Co. (c. 1962). Silver City catalogue, price list and supplement (photocopy). 24 pp. (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00166.)

1963 - newspaper article

Nolan, Mollie C. (15 August 1963). Skilled workmen from many lands made Meriden center of glass cutting industry at turn of century. The Morning Record, (p. 12 & 23). [Mentions J. D. Bergen Co.; Meriden Cut Glass Co. / Meriden Silver Plate Co.; Meriden Flint Glass Co.; C. F. Monroe; J. J. Niland Co.; Silver City Glass Co.] (Viewed 2 September 2017. AAA00614.)

  • Offline - Meriden Public Library, "Meriden - Industries - Glass" file.
  • Offline - Meriden Public Library, Meriden newspapers on microfiche

1967 - secondary source

Callahan Nolan, Mollie. (October 1967). Early glass craftsmen in Meriden. Unpublished document: summaries of company activities including "Silver City Cut Glass Co. / Silver City Glass Co." 4 pp. (See full excerpt at top of this webpage. Viewed 3 September 2017. AAA00632.)

  • Offline - Meriden Public Library, "Meriden - Industries - Glass" file.


1980-86 - design catalogue

Silver City Glass Co. (1980-86). Since 1907: glass specialties, giftware, custom decorating. 12 pp. (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00165.)


2004 - secondary source

Rainwater, Dorothy T.; Fuller, Martin; Fuller, Collette. (2004). "Rockwell Silver Company", Silver City Glass Co., "Decorex Industries, Inc.", (pp. 57, 201). Encyclopedia of American silver manufacturers, (revised and expanded 5th ed.). Schiffer Publishing: Atglen, PA. (Viewed 17 August 2017. A02876; A02913; A02913b; A02913c.)

"Organized in 1905... Prior to his founding of Rockwell Silver [Company], Lucien Rockwell had been a salesman for Chapman Manufacturing Co... They merged with Silver City Glass Co. in 1978 to form Decorex Industries, Inc." (Excerpt from above.)

2006 - newsletter article

Ludwig, Walter. (June 2006). "Silver City Glass Company". Heisey News, 35(7), pp. 14-15. (Includes three reprinted advertisements.) (Viewed 3 September 2017. G00151-53.)


2012 - secondary source

Tobin, Diane. (2012). "Silver City Cut Glass Company" listing. In The Meriden Flint Glass Company: An abundance of glass, "Meriden Glass Companies" section. Charleston, SC: The History Press. (Viewed 24 May 2016. A00696.)

n. d.

n. d. - brochure

Silver City Glass Co. (undated). Sumptuous Crystal : so desirable to give ... or to own. 1 folded sheet. (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00169.)

n. d. - ephemera and other primary sources

Silver City Glass Co.; J. Stanley Brothers. (undated). Silver City Glass Co. ephemera and other primary sources. (Viewed 4 September 2017. G00172.)

[1] This dating "1905-84" comes from Tobin, Diane. (2012). The Meriden Flint Glass Company: An abundance of glass. (See appendix: Meriden Glass Companies). Charleston, SC: The History Press. (ISBN 978.1.61423.833.1). Viewed 24 May 2016. [A00696]

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