Design Meriden 1(2) (2016)

This issue focuses on Modernism in Meriden.

ADC staff
artdesigncafé - design | Design Meriden | 28 September 2016

Modernist silver from Meriden-Wallingford: Interview of Jewel Stern (2016)
> R.J. Preece interviews Jewel Stern to learn about her research and work related to her book Modernism in American silver and the accompanying exhibition originating at the Dallas Museum of Art (2005) which travelled to four other venues in Washington, Miami Beach, Reno and Memphis. This exhibition put innovative Modernist silver design from Meriden-Wallingford partly in the spotlight. But what is its current state and what are the future prospects?

The Painting toward architecture exhibition (1947-52) by the Miller Company Collection of Abstract Art: Venues, documentation, and media coverage (2016)
> In 1947-52, Emily Hall Tremaine (art director) and Burton Tremaine (CEO) put the Miller Company in Meriden firmly on the national arts stage with their spectacular 25+-venue exhibition Painting toward architecture. Here, artdesigncafe has been tracking down "missing" venues across the United States, locating rare documentation hidden in libraries and archives, and making this public and accessible to facilitate deeper research. Was Painting toward architecture the greatest art-design-architecture show on Modern Earth? Maybe...

Painting toward architecture press release (1948)
> See a copy of the original press release prepared by the Miller Company Collection of Abstract Art. This show travelled to at least 27 venues across the US and generated significant art, design and architecture media coverage.

International Silver Company in Contemporary American Industrial Art at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (1934-35)
> See a copy of an original report on the 1934 show featuring designs by five leading architectural and industrial designers, Donald Deskey, Eliel Saarinen, Paul Lobel, Lurelle Guild and Alfons Bach.