Kroeber & Kaeppel - historical information

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Kroeber & Kaeppel were two former Meriden Flint Glass Co. decorators that went into the glass decorating business from 1885-90 [Tobin (2012)]. See listing below for more information.

Kroeber & Kaeppel - historical information (by year)

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Various newspapers, magazines and other sources

(c. 1885). Various newspapers, magazines and other sources - search engines.

1887 - advertisement

Kroeber & Kaeppel. (1887). Advertisement: "E. H. Kroeber; A. G. Kaeppel; Kroeber & Kaeppel, (Successors in Decorating to the Meriden Flint Glass Co.); Decorators on all Varieties of Opal Glass Ware; Shop, Cambridge Street, rear Wilcox & White Organ Co.; Meriden, Conn." In Meriden directory for 1887, (p. 325, with possible listings per topic on previous pages of this directory). Price, Lee & Co.: New Haven, CT. (Viewed 26 September 2020. E01541; H01590; H01604; ).


2012 - book mentions

Tobin, Diane. (2012). Regarding Kroeber & Kaeppel (at least nine mentions, including presumably photo showing decorating shop sign on front building at former Meriden Flint Glass Co site, 1886). The Meriden Flint Glass Company: An abundance of glass. Charleston, SC: The History Press. (Viewed 28 September 2020. E01575.)

"... two former [Meriden Flint Glass Co.] decorators, Emil Kroeber and Albert Kaeppel, went into the glass decorating business right on the factory grounds... 1885-90; Kroeber & Kaeppel, glass decorators." (Excerpts from above.)

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