Bradley & Hubbard install lighting in Waterbury, CT train station (1909)

B. & H. company has large contracts

This article was previously published in The Meriden Weekly Republican on 20 May 1909 with the title directly above and no specific journalist indicated. It is reprinted below with permission.

The Bradley & Hubbard Company is now engaged in installing the lighting fixtures in the handsome new union station [sic] which the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Co. has built at Waterbury. This is a big contract and the fixtures are among the best that the company has ever turned out.

The fixtures, which are all of wrought iron are of special design approved by the architects McKim, [Mead] & White of New York, and are made to harmonize with the character of the building. In addition to the inside fixtures there are a number of outside bracket lanterns and standards which add very greatly to the beauty of the building.

The Bradley & Hubbard Co. have recently installed lighting fixtures in a number of the stations of the N. Y., N. H. & H .R. R. Co. on its Harlem branch. These fixtures were made from designs drawn in the office of Cass Gilbert, the famous New York architect. The company does not give out the amount involved in the contracts but it is known they run into the thousands.