J. J. Niland & Co. designs 56-inch vase for Tiffany’s, New York (1905)

Handsome vase by Meriden concern

This article was previously published in The Meriden Daily Journal on 16 June 1905 with the title directly above and no specific journalist indicated. It is reprinted below with permission.

J. J. Niland & Co. are just completing at the factory on Miller street [sic], what is probably the largest vase ever turned out in cut glass from this section. It is being made to order for Tiffany and is to be shown by them at their new building on Fifth avenue [sic] when they open in August.

The vase is a magnificent affair entirely of cut glass without a particle of metal about it. It stands fifty-six inches high, has a base eighteen inches in diameter and weighs one hundred pounds. The design is known as the Planet pattern, both shape and pattern being designed by Thomas Niland. The cutting has been practically completed and it will be polished in a few days.

Niland & Co. have already turned out and marketed vases of the same design, forty inches in height. The Planet design is also being used by them on large punch bowls and makes a very effective and beautiful pattern. The firm has also just put out a new line of cut glass in the Hudson pattern. It is a medium priced but very handsome line and is meeting with a ready sale.