Oneida Community, Wallingford (c. 1877-80) - historical information

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This resource page focuses on Oneida Community tableware produced in 1877-80.

"... In 1877 the Oneida Community embarked in the manufacture of tableware. The Wallingford branch made ungraded, tinned iron spoons in two patterns called "Lily" and "Oval". These two iron spoons were the direct ancestors of the whole line of Community Plate.

By 1878 the mill was turning out steel spoon blanks sold for plating to the Meriden Britannia Company. In 1880 the factory was moved to Niagara Falls..."— Rainwater, Dorothy T. (2004). Encyclopedia of American silver manufacturers, p. 75. See entry listed below for more information.

A. Oneida Community, Wallingford (c. 1877-80) designs in collections

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B. Oneida Community, Wallingford (c. 1877-80) - historical information (by year)

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Various newspapers, magazines and other sources

(c. 1877-). Various newspapers, magazines and other sources - search engines.


1881 - bird’s eye view map

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1966 - encyclopedia entry

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2004 - encyclopedia entry

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