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Do you know how the artworks and designs shown above relate to the historical Meriden area? If not, click the photos and be directed to sources where you can learn more.

The Design Meriden online platform focuses on historical design from the area of Meriden, Connecticut, USA and its national discourse. Several designs are featured in museum collections including those at the Brooklyn Museum, the Corning Museum of Glass, Dallas Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Mint Museum in Charlotte, the Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute museum in Utica, Smithsonian Institution, and Yale University Art Gallery. Historical Meriden design is especially known for the high-quality production of Victorian silver, Art Brass, and Modernist silver and chrome ware— as well as the discussion-generating Miller Company Collection of Abstract Art exhibition across America [1947-52; 28(+) venues], the art/design book publisher Meriden Gravure, and Meriden’s International Silver (Company) Theater in Hollywood (c. 1937-50).

Through research, communications and this online platform, Design Meriden administered by artdesigncafe has helped facilitate a new, recent wave of appreciation and discoveries about historical Meriden design at a local, regional, national and international level since the summer of 2015. See Wikipedia’s Meriden page for some art/design highlights that were added at that time as initial discoveries, realizations and excitement took place.

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Meriden-area design in museum exhibitions

From New York to Los Angeles, London, Paris, Lisbon, Rio de Janiero, and Melbourne, Australia, historical Meriden design has been spotlighted in over 200 museum and exposition shows since at least 1854.

Roberto Burle Marx: Brazilian Modernist at Jewish Museum, New York; Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Berlin, Germany; and Museu de Arte do Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Exhibiting 3 "Tremaine House"-related works, c. 1948, associated with the Miller Company Collection of Abstract Art (1947-52)

18 NOV 16 - 12 NOV 17
Napier Penguin, ISC and R. Wallace & Sons at Dallas Museum of Art show

30 SEP 2006 - present
Chicago: Crossroads of America (permanent exhibition) at Chicago History Museum (ISC for Illinois Central Railroad)

8 NOV 15 - 31 JAN 16
St. Louis Modern at St. Louis Art Museum (Wilcox Silver Plate Co. / International Silver Company)

5 JUL 13 - 6 DEC 15
19th-Century Modern at Brooklyn Museum, New York (Bradley & Hubbard; Napier)

15 JAN 15 - 5 JUL 15
Rogers, Smith & Co. in Egyptian Revival at SFO Museum, San Francisco

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Meriden-area design at auction

Some historical objects from the Meriden area do rather well at auction. Check out some of the auction results below.

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> Check out our "Modernism in Meriden" issue, featuring an interview of Jewel Stern, a Miami-based curator / writer / collector who put Modernist silver from Meriden-Wallingford on the national stage in grand style. Also, learn about the spectacular 28(+)-venue Painting toward architecture exhibition organized by the Miller Company Collection of Abstract Art (1947-52).

Design Meriden 1(1)
> Read about the B&H crisis state, the Wilcox mansion, the noteworthy Cambridge-Tremont Street area, the Tremaines and Philip Johnson. Plus check out the floating proposal to thoroughly inform culturally-interested Meriden area high school students about the area's acclaimed art/design legacy.

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B. ISC, predecessors & divisions

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C. Other companies


C. General resources

  • > Historical books on the Meriden area, many online, including information on companies
  • > Historical maps of the Meriden area, many online, showing locations of historical companies

  • We encourage you to also explore other historical Meriden companies online including the Aeolian Company (player pianos), E. A. Bliss Co. (jewelry), Boardman companies (silver), Chandler-Evans Corporation (industrial design), Connecticut Telephone and Electric Company (industrial design), Chapman Manufacturing Co., Cuno Engineering Corporation (industrial design), Foster, Merriam & Co., Helmschmied Mfg. Co., Housatonic Brass Co. (Wallingford), Jennings & Griffin Mfg. Co., H. L. Judd & Co. (Wallingford), Kelsey Press, Meriden Fire Arms Co., Meriden Gravure (art / design book printer) (archive at Yale University), Meriden Machine Tool Co., Julius Pratt-related companies, Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Division (1951-62 ), Preisner Silver Company (Wallingford), M.B. Schenck, Silver City Glass Co., Simpson Nickel Silver Company (ISC predecessor; Wallingford), Valentine-Linsley Silver Co. (Wallingford) , Walter Webb & Co. (ivory products), Jedediah Wilcox-related companies, Wilcox & White (player pianos) and more.

About Design Meriden

The Design Meriden online platform aims to provide the fastest and easiest access to historical Meriden area design resources and documentation, which are located across North America and into Europe. We are actively requesting for as much out-of-copyright material to become available online as soon as possible. Why? Because it's about the design legacies of this group of historical designers and entrepreneurs that earned national attention for their work and Meriden. To further strengthen a fragile, developing discourse of their noteworthy achievements both now-- and for the future.