Barbour Silver Company designs in collections, at auction, and in exhibitions (2016)

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A. Barbour Silver Company designs in collections [1]



Barbour Brothers Company. (undated). Caster / shaker (with embossed people all over, two covers). Silver. (Accession no. D1981.28.72A-B. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-166.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

Tea service

Possibly Barbour Brothers Company. (1800-85). Tea service. (Accession no. 1997.40.1. Viewed 10 April 2017. A02148.)


Covered tureen

Barbour Brothers Company. (c. 1885). Covered tureen with liner (with engraved flowers). Silver plate; ironstone. (Accession no. D1981.28.19A-D. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-081.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

Napkin ring

Barbour Silver Company. (c. 1885). Napkin ring. Silver. (Accession no. 1996.81.2. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-017.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.


Coffee set with tray

Barbour Silver Company (chasing by Christopher M. Whalen). (1897/1917). Coffee set with tray. (Accession no. 1983.1014a-d. Viewed 18 March 2016. B00008.)


Barbour Silver Co. / International Silver Company. (1898-1924). Basket. Electroplated nickel silver. (Accession no. 1994.0010. Viewed 29 March 2017. A01839.)


Water pitcher

Barbour Silver Company. (c. 1900). Water pitcher. Silverplated white metal. (Accession no. 1998.38.0. Viewed 17 July 2016. AAA00033-04.)

  • Offline - Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford.



Barbour Silver Company / International Silver Co. (c. 1926). Tray. (Accession no. 1980.129.12. Viewed 6 April 2017. A01910.)

Coffee set

Barbour Silver Company / ISC. (designed c. 1928-29). Coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl. Silver and ebony. (Accession no 2002.29.24.1-3. Viewed 28 March 2016. A00196-99.)


Barbour Silver Company / ISC. (designed c. 1929-30). Vase. Silver plate and plastic. (Accession no 2002.29.46. Viewed 28 March 2016. A00195.)

Feinauer-designed cocktail shaker

George Albert Feinauer for Barbour Silver Company / ISC. (1929-30). Cocktail shaker. Silverplate and catalin. (Accession no. 2011.154.3. Viewed 21 March 2016. B00016.)

Feinauer-designed coffee set

Albert Feinauer for the Barbour Silver Company / ISC. (1929-30). Coffee set. Silver plate and cane. (Accession no: 2014.996.1-3. Viewed 16 March 2016. B00002.)

Feinauer-designed coffeepot

George Albert Feinauer for Barbour Silver Company / ISC. (1929-32). Coffeepot. Silverplate and catalin. (Accession no: 2011.154.2. Viewed 21 March 2016. B00015.)

Water pitcher

Barbour Silver Company / ISC. (20th century). Water pitcher. Silver. (Accession no. 85.42.8. Viewed 15 July 2016. F00048.)

n. d.

Bon bon dish

Barbour Silver Company. (undated). Bon bon dish. Silver. (Accession no. D1981.28.30. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-119.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

Sugar and creamer

Barbour Silver Company. (undated). Sugar and creamer. Silver. (Accession no. D1981.28.197.1-2. Viewed 12 August 2016. AAA00053-080.)

  • Offline - Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC.

B. Barbour Silver Company designs at auction

n. d.

Cocktail shaker

Barbour Silver Company. (undated). Shirley pattern cocktail shaker. (Viewed 8 December 2016. A01302.)

C. Barbour Silver Company designs in exhibitions


29 March - 3 May 1925. American industrial art: Ninth annual exhibition of current manufacturers designed and made in the United States at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (Viewed 25 August 2016. AAA00098.)

4 December 1926 - 5 January 1927. American industrial art: Tenth annual exhibition of current manufactures designed and made in the United States at Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. (Viewed 25 August 2016. AAA00095.)


17 January - 2 March 1975; 16 March - 20 April 1975. Forms in metal: 275 years of metalsmithing in America at the Finch College Museum of Art, New York and the Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York; second viewing at Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, MI. (Viewed 17 October 2016. AAA00361.)


5 venues: 2005 - 2007. Modernism in American Silver: 20th-Century Design. (Viewed 21 March 2016. A00140.)

> Exhibition venues: Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, DC; Nevada Museum of Art, Reno; Dallas Museum of Art; The Wolfsonian, Miami Beach, FL; The Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, TN.

[1] Barbour Silver Company, Hartford, was founded in 1892 and was acquired by the International Silver Company in 1898. [See (a) Stern, Jewel. (2005). Modernism in American silver, page 353. Dallas Museum of Art and Yale University Press; and (b) "A Guide to the International Silver Company Records, 1853-1921". University of Connecticut university libraries website.] Viewed 15 May 2016. [A00660 and A00662]

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