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A. Charles Parker Company designs in collections (by year) [1]



Charles Parker Company. (1790-1820). Tablespoon. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1968.0281. Viewed 29 March 2017. A01828.)

Two teaspoons

Charles Parker Company. (1800-30). Two teaspoons. Silver. (Accession no. 1984.0005.068.001-002. Viewed 29 March 2017. A01837-38.)

  • Winterthur Museum, Delaware (spoon 1; 2).

Spectacles case

C. Parker. (c. 1825). Spectacles case. Iron, felt. (Accession no. 1985.84.196.2. Viewed 22 March 2016. B00031.)



Charles Parker Company. (1835-1855). Teapot. Spun and seamed Britannia metal, wood, black paint. (Accession no. 1966.159.0. Viewed 16 July 2016. AAA00033-150.)

  • Offline - Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford.



Charles Parker Company. (1840-60). Teaspoon. Silver. (Accession no. 1977.0027. Viewed 29 March 2017. A01833.)



Charles Parker and Company. (c. 1850-76). Tablespoon. Pewter. (Accession no. 1978.56.12. Viewed 27 March 2017. A01793.)


Spectacles case

C. Parker. (1860). Spectacles case. (Accession no. 1985.84.195.2. Viewed 27 March 2017. A01798.)

Spectacles case

C. Parker & Co. (c. 1860). Spectacles case. Silver electroplated on white metal. (Accession no. P1963-121-8b. Viewed 14 March 2016. A00104.)

Eyeglasses case

C. Parker. (c. 1860). Spectacles case. Tin, felt. (Accession no. 1977.747. Viewed 10 October 2017. G01240.)


C. Parker. (1860). Eyeglasses. (Accession no. 1995.474. Viewed 10 October 2017. G01239.)

Eyeglasses case

Charles Parker Company. (1860-70). Eyeglasses case. Sheet iron, cotton. (Accession no. 1958.2530. Viewed 29 March 2017. A01824.)

Eyeglasses case

Charles Parker Company. (1860-80). Eyeglasses case. Silver plate on brass, metal, velvet. (Accession no. 1964.1199. Viewed 29 March 2017. A01827.)

Eyeglasses case

Charles Parker Company. (1860-80). Eyeglasses case. Silver, cloth. (Accession no. 1983.0244.017. Viewed 29 March 2017. A01836.)

Wall matchbox

C. Parker. (1868-80). Wall matchbox. Cast iron. (Object no. 1937.1533. Viewed 11 June 2017. A02717.)


Match dispenser

C. Parker. (1870-80). Match dispenser. Iron. (Object no. INV.728. Viewed 10 June 2017. A02674.)

Food chopper

C. Parker Company. (1870-1900). Food chopper. (Accession no. H.1963.88.297. Viewed 10 June 2017. A02655.)

Novelty clock

Parker and Whipple Company. (1875-95). Novelty clock. Brass, tin, glass. (Accession no. 84.83.57. Viewed 2 September 2017. G00122.)

Hanging shelf

The Charles Parker Company. (1876-80). Hanging shelf. Brass, silver and other metallic plates, iron, other metals, wood, modern fabric. (Viewed 14 March 2016. A00101.)



Charles Parker Company. (c. 1880). Table. Brass, other metals, wood, fabric. Accession no. 85.12.1. (Viewed 24 May 2016. D00142.)

Caster stand

Parker, Casper & Company. (c. 1880). Caster stand. (Accession no. 1993.78.1. Viewed 20 July 2016. A01086.)

Parker & Whipple Co. (1880-1900). Novelty clock. (Accession no. 84.83.59. Viewed 2 September 2017. G00129.)

Parker & Whipple Co. (1880-1900). Novelty clock. (Accession no. 84.83.60. Viewed 2 September 2017. G00130.)

Novelty clock

Parker & Whipple Co. (1880-1900). Novelty clock. (Accession no. 84.83.58. Viewed 2 September 2017. G00128.)

Hanging shelf

Charles Parker Company. (c. 1882). Hanging shelf. Brass, partially patinated and silver plated, with velvet. (Accession no. 1995.8.1. Viewed 22 March 2016. B00030.)


Charles Parker Company. (c. 1885). Teaspoon, pattern unknown. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1989.107.2. Viewed 1 April 2017. A01883.)

Dinner fork

Charles Parker Company. (c. 1885). Dinner fork. Silver plate. (Accession no. 1989.107.2. Viewed 24 May 2016. D00144-45.)

Side chair

Charles Parker Company. (c. 1885). Side chair. Brass, other metals, wood, modern textile. (Accession no. 2012.17. Viewed 24 May 2016. D00143.)


The Charles Parker Company. (c. 1885). Table. Brass, silver and other metallic plates, iron, other metals, wood, original fabric. (Viewed 15 March 2016. A00100.)


The Charles Parker Company. (c. 1885). Table. Brass with silver and other metallic plating, iron, wood, and replaced silk velvet. (Object no. 2:2006. Viewed 19 July 2016. A01061.)


The Charles Parker Company and Meriden Britannia Company. (c. 1885). Table. Brass, marble, silver and other metallic plates, other metals. (Accession nos. 1989.9.A-B. Viewed 14 March 2016. A00102-03.)

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Mantel clock

Parker Clock Company. (1890-1910). Mantel clock. (Catalogue no. 2000.21.258. Viewed 2 September 2017. G00121.)


Alarm clock

Parker Clock Company. (c. 1903). Alarm clock. (Catalogue no. 75.1.83. Viewed 1 September 2017. G00118.)

Alarm clock

Parker Clock Company. (c. 1905). Alarm clock. (Catalogue no. 79.88.1. Viewed 1 September 2017. G00119.)

Shelf clock

Parker Clock Company. (c. 1906). Shelf clock. (Catalogue no. 80.18.1. Viewed 1 September 2017. G00120.)


Wall mirror

Charles Parker Company. (1945). Wall mirror (original to Walter Gropius House, Lincoln, MA). Glass, steel. (Accession no. 1984.122. Viewed 10 October 2017. G01237.)

Wall mirror

Charles Parker Company. (1945). Wall mirror (original to Walter Gropius House, Lincoln, MA). Glass, steel, chrome. (Accession no. 1984.341. Viewed 10 October 2017. G01238.)

B. Charles Parker Company designs at auction



Attributed to Charles Parker Company. (c. 1880). Aesthetic brass and silvered metal stand. (Viewed 27 April 2016. A00443.)

C. Charles Parker Company designs in exhibitions


10 May - 10 November 1876. Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia.

See: (1876). List of awards made by the United States Centennial Commission to the American Exhibitors, International Exhibition, 1876, at Philadelphia. [Listed: Meriden Curtain Fixture Co. (President: Charles Parker) (p. 28). The actual award received is not indicated in this text.] 134 pp. S. T. Souder & Company: Philadelphia. (Viewed 16 June 2016. A00841-42.)

(1877). Souvenir of the Centennial exhibition [1876]: Connecticut’s representation at Philadelphia. [Core section: pp 99-111; also see exhibits list: pp. 124-27; exhibitors include Meriden Curtain-Fixture Company, (President: Charles Parker)]. 380 pp. Geo. D. Curtis: Hartford, CT. Viewed 25 June 2016. A00965-75.)


1 May - 30 October 1893. World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago.

See: World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893, Official catalogue, Part VIII [Listed: Meriden Curtain Fixture Co., (President: Charles Parker) (p. 23).] W. B. Conkey Company: Chicago. (Viewed 4 August 2016. A00850-56.)

Also see: (1898). Connecticut at the World’s Fair: Report of the commissioners from Connecticut of the Columbian Exhibition of 1893 at Chicago. [Listed: Meriden Curtain & Fixture Co. (p. 128)]. Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company: Hartford, CT. (Viewed 2 March 2017. A01528-31.)


12 April - 30 October 1949. The house in the museum garden (by Marcel Breuer) at Museum of Modern Art, New York. (Viewed 11 April 2018. AAA02153.)

> Exhibited Charles Parker Company bathroom cabinets and accessories.


c. September 1973. Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA. (Viewed 23 October 2016. AAA00375-77.)


6 November 1994 - 29 January 1995. Silver in America, 1840-1940: A century of splendor at the Dallas Museum of Art. Curated by Charles L. Venable. (Viewed 21 August 2016. AAA00075.)


2 October 2005 - 19 March 2006; 12 July - 14 October 2007. A Brass Menagerie: Metalwork of the Aesthetic Movement. Curated by Anna Tobin D’Ambrosio. Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art, Utica, New York; Bard Graduate Center Gallery, New York, NY. (DM; Viewed 10 March 2016. A00008-09.)


27 August - 18 December 2016; 12 February - 21 May 2017. JapanAmerica: Points of contact, 1876-1970 at Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY; Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA. (Updated 22 January 2017. A01431-33; AAA00551-55.)

[1] Regarding "active 1832-1957", see D’Ambrosio, Anna Tobin. (2005). Brass menagerie: Metalwork of the aesthetic movement. Utica, NY: Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. (ISBN: 0915895293), page 42. [A00692]

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