Taber & Tibbits silver - historical information

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Taber & Tibbits was active c 1919-41, and succeeded by Silvercraft Co.

A. Taber & Tibbits designs in collections

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B. Taber & Tibbits - historical information (by year)

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Various newspapers, magazines and other sources

(c. 1890s-). Various newspapers, magazines and other sources - search engines.


1922 - directory listings

(1922). Listing: "Silversmiths ... Taber & Tibbits Inc 57 S Cherry". (Search directory for other possible listings.) In Wallingford directory, p. 223. Price & Lee Co. (Viewed 6 October 2020. E01691-94).


1966 - encyclopedia entry

Rainwater, Dorothy T. (1966). "Taber & Tibbits" [with mark], (p. 179). In American silver manufacturers: Their marks, trademarks and history. Everybodys Press: Hanover, PA. (Viewed 8 August 2020. E01533).


2004 - encyclopedia entry

Rainwater, Dorothy T.; Fuller, Martin; Fuller, Collette. (2004). "Taber & Tibbits, Inc." [with two marks], (p. 245). Encyclopedia of American silver manufacturers, (revised and expanded 5th ed.). Schiffer Publishing: Atglen, PA. (Viewed 26 September 2020. A02886; A02931; A02931b.)

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