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Among the many manufacturers of cutlery in this country the Meriden Cutlery Company ranks with the largest, and from the great variety and superior quality of the goods made it has attained a national and almost a world-wide reputation... The company’s factories are in the pretty suburban village of South Meriden, just outside the city limits... In 1855 the Meriden Cutlery Company was formed by these gentlemen with $75,000 capital, and Julius Pratt was chosen President and D.N. Ropes secretary and treasurer... Their New York office is at 80 Chambers street. "

— Gillespie, Charles Bancroft (compiled by). (1895). Art souvenir edition of the Meriden Daily Journal illustrating the city of Meriden, Connecticut in the year 1895, p. 42-3 [including illustration of factory]. The Journal Publishing Company: Meriden, CT. Courtesy Connecticut State Library, Hartford, CT. Viewed 17 November 2016. [A00787-88].

Meriden Cutlery Company design catalogues and historical information

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Newspaper articles and adverts

(c. 1855-1924). Various advertisements and newspaper articles - search engines. (Viewed 16 October 2016.)

Price list

Meriden Cutlery Company. (1856). [Price list]. Number of pages unknown. (Updated 11 April 2017. A00995)

Price list

Meriden Cutlery Company. (1858). [Price list]. Number of pages unknown. (Updated 11 April 2017. A00995.)


Historical information

Bishop, J. Leander. (1868). "Manufactures in Meriden", mentions Meriden Cutlery Company, (pp. 424-26). In: A history of American manufactures from 1608-1860 (3rd edition, revised and enlarged). Philadelphia: Edward Young & Co. (Viewed 15 June 2016. A00816-18.)

Historical information

Connecticut Supreme Court of Errors. (1868?). "Julius Pratt vs. the Meriden Cutlery Company". In "Connecticut Supreme court of errors, record of cases on appeal, 1868". (Viewed 21 May 2016. A00678.)


Historical information

Davis, Charles Henry Stanley. (1870). "Meriden Cutlery Company", (pp. 487-89). In History of Wallingford, Conn. From its settlement in 1670 to the present time: Including Meriden, which was one of its parishes until 1806, and Cheshire, which was incorporated in 1780. (Also see "Manufactures section": pp. 472-495.) (Viewed 17 November 2016. A00793-94.)

Meriden Cutlery in 1876 Centennial Exhibition

(1876). List of awards made by the United States Centennial Commission to the American Exhibitors, International Exhibition, 1876, at Philadelphia. [Listed: Meriden Cutlery Co., (p. 54). The actual award received is not indicated in this text.] (Viewed 16 June 2016. A00841-42.)

Meriden Cutlery in 1876 Centennial Exhibition

(1877). Souvenir of the Centennial exhibition [1876]: Connecticut’s representation at Philadelphia. [Core section: pp. 99-111; also see exhibits list: pp. 124-27; exhibitors including Meriden Cutlery Company]. (Viewed 26 June 2016. A00965-75.)



(1884). Meriden, Connecticut map, (p. 9 showing Meriden Cutlery Co. in South Meriden). 14 leaves. Sanborn Map & Publishing Co. (Viewed 21 November 2016. A01026; AAA00008.)

Design catalogue

Meriden Cutlery Co. (1887). "Table cutlery". Number of pages unknown. (Updated 11 April 2017. A00679)


Design catalogue

Meriden Cutlery Co. (1890?). [Catalogue of] Table cutlery. 37 pp. (Viewed 21 May 2016. [C00014-05)

  • Offline - Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, call no. 974.62 M651mc.

Design catalogue

Meriden Cutlery Co. (1895). Illustrated catalogue no. 8, of table cutlery in pearl, stag, etc. 39 plates. (Updated 11 April 2017. A00994)


Historical information

Gillespie, Charles Bancroft & Curtis, George Munson. (1906). "Meriden Cutlery Co.", including photo of building, (pp. 23-25). In A century of Meriden: A historic record and pictorial description of the town of Meriden, Connecticut and the men who made it, from earliest settlement to close of its first century of incorporation, (Part III). (Viewed 19 November 2016. A00791-92.)

"When the company was first started, the production was limited to ivory-handled knives and forks, but the line has gradually increased until it has embraced everything that would naturally come under the head of table cutlery. These include table knives and forks, carving sets, butcher, bread, cook’s, kitchen and shoe knives, putty knives, spatulas, cork screws, pie knives, orange knives, berry spoons, orange spoons, cream ladles, sugar shells, oyster forks, pickle forks, cheese scoops, etc., their specialty being the famous Anvil brand carvers." (Excerpt from above.)

Historical information

Gillespie, Charles Bancroft & Curtis, George Munson. (1906). Biographies of Meriden Cutlery Co. management: Abiram Chamberlain (director) (pp. 442-44 including portrait); Aaron L. Collins (President) (pp. 274-76 including portrait); Edward J. Collins (President) (pp. 276-78 including portrait); William W. Lyman (President) (pp. 296-98) including portrait; Charles Lee Rockwell (director) (pp. 537-39 including portrait). In A century of Meriden: A historic record and pictorial description of the town of Meriden, Connecticut and the men who made it, from earliest settlement to close of its first century of incorporation, (Part II). (Viewed 19 November 2016. A00791-92.)

List of sales regions

(January 1908). Meriden Cutlery Co., list of sales regions (Boston; New England and New York State; Pennsylvania; Ohio, Indiana, Michigan; Chicago and North-West; Mississippi River to Colorado; Pacific Coast; Southern States. In "What was that salesman’s name?", House furnishing review, January 1908, p. 49. Viewed 29 April 2017. [A02315-16]



Bloomingdales (New York, Paris, London, Berlin). (1910). Advert: "Meriden Cutlery Co.; Manufacturers of Fine Table Cutlery; Anne Brand Carvers; For Sale by Bloomingdale Brothers" (p. 185). In Bloomingdales Bros. catalogue and diary 1910 New York City. (Viewed 22 July 2016. [A01094-95.)

Secondary source

(1917). Encyclopedia of Connecticut biography, vol 1. [On Abiram Chamberlain: director, Meriden Cutlery Company; director, Edward Miller & Co. (pp. 269-71 and portrait).] (Viewed 27 November 2016. AAA00519-21.)

Design catalogue

Meriden Cutlery Co. (1919). Anvil brand table cutlery [catalogue 19]. 48 pp. (Viewed 21 May 2016. C00014-70.)

  • Offline - Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, call no. Q974.62 m651mc 1919?.


(1918). Aero view of Meriden, Connecticut. [Including illustration of Meriden Cutlery Co., South Meriden.] Hughes & Bailey: Boston. (Viewed 21 July 2016. A01020-21).


(Undated). Meriden Cutlery - fire insurance map. (Viewed 15 May 2017. A02437.)


Secondary source

May, Earl Chapin. (1947). "Meriden Cutlery Company"" mention (p. 79, see below). In Century of silver, 1847-1947; Connecticut Yankees and a noble metal. New York: E.M. McBride & Company. (Updated 19 April 2017. DM.)

"By 1860, the Meriden Cutlery Company, with 167 hands, was turning out $167,000 worth of goods a year." (Excerpt from above.)


Secondary source

Hogan, Edmund P. (1980). On "W. W. Lyman" (apprentice to Ashbil Griswold, husband of Ashbil Griswold’s adopted daughter; partner of Curtis and Lyman; director of Meriden Britannia; president of Meriden Cutlery Company; president of Meriden Flint Glass Company) (reproduced illustrations of W. W. Lyman and his wife; Meriden Britannia building and "board"; Lyman fruit jars; patent), (pp. 154-59). In The elegance of old silver plate and some personalities. Schiffer Publishing Limited: Exton, PA. (Updated 19 April 2017. DM.)

Secondary source

Vumbaco, Brenda J. (1988). On Meriden Cutlery Company, (p. 37). In Meriden – Connecticut crossroads: An illustrated history. Windsor Publications: Northridge, CA. (Updated 19 April 2017. A00804. DM.)

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