About artdesigncafe.com

Artdesigncafe maintains a growing archive of writings (mainly on contemporary art and design, art and design publicity, art and design business, and English for Art and Design). Artdesigncafe also acts as a project platform (currently for Design Meriden and Tremaine / Miller Co. art & design) and is a communications supplier.


Artdesigncafe was started in 2009 by R. J. Preece [BA (Distinction), Art history with cultural economics (USA); MEd (USA); MA (Distinction), Design history with media / communications (UK)]. He is an international art and design journalist, communications/copywriting consultant, media advisor, and project organizer. To date, he has published over 300 texts in magazines and books, and many interviews and writings are cited in museum and biennial catalogues and books globally. Preece has also been a Contributing Editor, NW Europe, of Sculpture magazine since 1999.

His interdisciplinary work also includes extensive experience copywriting and consulting on over 700 communications texts related to product design and technology for multi-national companies. Regarding media relations, Preece has consulted clients appearing on international news outlets such as Al-Jazeera and the BBC as well as engaging extensively with major international newspapers and multi-language wire services. Other clients have participated in major, international art exhibitions and events.

Originally from the USA, Preece taught at designs schools in Japan and Hong Kong in the mid-1990s, studied for a second Master’s degree in design history and communications in the UK— while writing about the yBAs, and settled in the Netherlands and NW Europe twenty years ago.

Preece’s current passion has taken him from communicating the contemporary to the historical, with his Design Meriden and Tremaine / Miller Co. art & design projects. He has a personal connection to both. "It’s about applying the skills that I have developed over the years to an overlooked set of designers and organizers that, I feel, deserve a great deal more attention," explains Preece. "In the process, I learn more things, and more deeply, which I then bring to my clients."