Jobs: Performance-ESL Instructor at Berlin Academy of Avant-Garde Art (2006)

Kim Min Su (jobs)
artdesigncafé - art | 15 September 2006
An earlier version of this text was exhibited on CETEFL-L based in Prague, Czech Republic in 2001.

Employment opportunity

15 September 2006

The Berlin Academy of Avant-Garde Art (BAAGArt) is now accepting applications for the post of Performance-ESL Instructor. This is a unique position designed to combine the performative with the linguistic, bridging various stimuli to create the whole learner— and energise the whole teacher.

As this is a new interdisciplinary field, we encourage not only ESL teachers with performance art backgrounds to apply, but also those particularly drawn to performance. If you’ve ever been accused of being overly dramatic by a colleague, lover, or friend, we want to hear from you.

> Some sort of teaching qualification
> Experience and study in the theatrical arts, or proven influence by British artist Tracey Emin or similar
> At least 3 years of teaching experience
> A commitment to avant-garde learning and expression
> Must know at least 200 words in German

To apply, please send us:
> A performative, American-style resume, largely minimised into soundbites
> Three video clips of your fabulous teaching
> Contact information of three interesting references, which will also be entered into our networking database
> Your minimum salary requirements

Application deadline: 7 October 2006

Why simply teach when you can become... ART? For more information, please contact BAAGArt Recruitment Search, c/o Dr. Kim Min Su, Director, Institute of Visionary Language Art Design, Monster, The Netherlands at [...]. This is a highly competitive position, so after submission of materials, don’t call us, we’ll call you...

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