The Tremaine Collection: 20th Century Masters (1984) (list of artworks in exhibition)

The following is a spotlighted list of works on view in the exhibition The Tremaine Collection: 20th Century Masters at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford (26 February - 29 April 1984). After each artwork entry, the page number showing the work in the exhibition catalogue is provided.

For a complete list of the over 120 works on view, contact the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford or Emily Hall Tremaine’s foundation. (Please note, during a January 2018 review, a precise list was not known. Two lists conflict the number of works at 123 and 132 and the guide states 150 works.)

For a developing list of sources related to the exhibition, including the exhibition catalogue and media reports, see the exhibition entry in: Tremaine Collection artworks and designs in exhibitions (compilation; 1945-present); and also Section. G. Publications mentioning Emily Hall Tremaine (1944-present) on the Emily Hall Tremaine - Tremaine Collection / Miller Company: Compilations and documentation overview page.

Spotlighted list of artworks in the exhibition

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> Georges Braque. The black rose, (1927). [Exhibition catalogue page 40.] (K00244.)


> Christo. Double store front, (1964). [Page 125.]


> Robert Delaunay. Premier disque, (1912). [Page 33.]


> Alberto Giacometti. Spoon woman, (1926). (Edition of 6.) [Page 44.]


> Michael Heizer. Circle, (1976). [Page 139].


> Neil Jenney. Husband and wife, (1969). [Page 140.]

> Jasper Johns. Three flags, (1958). [Page 87.]

> Jasper Johns. White flag, (1955-58). [Page 86.]


> Paul Klee. Departure of the ghost, (1931). [Page 41.]

> Franz Kline. Lehigh, (1956). [Page 67.]


> Fernand Léger. Le petit déjeuner, (c. 1921). [Page 36.]

> Roy Lichtenstein. I can see the whole room... and there’s nobody in it!, (1961). [Page 99.]


> Walter de Maria. Bronze shaft / steel shaft, (1966). [Page 129.]

> Piet Mondrian. Victory boogie woogie, (1943-44). [Page 49.]

> Robert Motherwell. Spanish Elegy #17, (1953). [Page 68.]


> Louise Nevelson. Moon Garden Reflections, (c. 1957). [Page 76.]


> Jackson Pollock. Frieze, (1953-55). [Page 63.]


> Tony Smith. Cigarette model, (1962). [Page 130.]

> Frank Stella. Luis Miguel Dominguin, (1960). [Page 114.]


> Andy Warhol. Small Campbell’s soup can (Pepper pot), (1962). [Page 102.]

> Tom Wesselmann. Great American nude, (1961). [Page 97.]