PMS in the ESL Classroom book (2006) (press release)

New study released by Dr. Kim Min Su and IVLAD Research Group (PMS).

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PMS in the ESL Classroom book released

IVLAD, Monster, the Netherlands

1 March 2006

Press Release

The Institute of Visionary Language Art Design (IVLAD) in Monster, the Netherlands proudly announces the book release of PMS in the ESL Classroom by world-acclaimed author Dr. Kim Min Su.

Drawing on a case study of 300 subjects over a 10-year time span, Dr. Kim argues in this landmark publication that biological factors need to integrated in academic discussions on English as a Second Language (ESL) learning and classroom environments— complementing sociological, psychological, and other factors.

"Our study indicates that there’s so much going on for half of the teaching population that the rest of us are completely unaware of," says Dr. Kim.

In this 475-page book, chapters include an interdisciplinary history, methods and strategies for determining the right day to schedule teacher meetings, a teaching module, and a sensitivity training scheme for male teachers, geared especially for the American and Central London markets.

“In this book, we aim to raise Caring and Sharing activities to entirely new levels,” says Kim.

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