Jobs: ESL Instructor / Bar Attendant at In Wonderland, Amsterdam (2001)

Kim Min Su (jobs)
artdesigncafé - art | 21 June 2001
This text was previously exhibited on CETEFL-L based in Prague, Czech Republic in 2001.

Employment opportunity

21 June 2001

Due to the departure of a difficult staff member, the In Wonderland Coffee Shop in Amsterdam is looking to fill the following position:


Come join our international team of instructors-servers in our thematic, interactive interior. Originally opened in 1972 by American hippie-refugee S.L. Morris, our coffee shop sells the finest marijuana and hashish and has been ranked as #1 smoke shop by various American student travel guides. Due to rising demand, in 1995, we began to offer short-term English language study in tutorial settings to overseas students. We offer a 20-hour work week and free accommodation in our adjacent guesthouse for the selected applicant.

Application Requirements:
> RSA diploma
> A customer-friendly attitude
> Must be a smoker (given the plight of smokers in America, they are given special consideration)
> Some sort of theatrical training or experience maintaining a character (but no split personality backgrounds please)
> Knowledge of various rock bands from 1965-1974, especially Jefferson Airplane
> All genders are suitable

Job Duties:
> Teach English in tutorial settings and design ways to implicitly promote world knowledge of “the great period of music”
> Must be willing / able to maintain the psychology and appearance of “Alice” 24/7— in our coffee shop, in the guest house, and on the street— as our teachers actively promote our products and services in the city. Two days per month are designated “Alice-free days”.
> As this is a challenging position, two people can share the job, but both will be responsible that Alice’s attire is worn at all times. A violation will result in the immediate dismissal of both parties.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to Amsterdam to provide a teaching demonstration while being “Alice”, under the influence of our world-renowned Super Skunk, to test the applicant’s endurance and suitability for the post.

In Wonderland CS is a fun but challenging working environment and since 1995, we can proudly announce that none of our well-adjusted employees have ever lost their minds. We actively participate in Dr. Kim Min Su’s avant-garde research on the effects of bong-smoking and language acquisition, via our “Integrated Ganja, Grammar, and Giggles” course.

Application deadline: 29 June 2001

For more information or an application, please contact our representative concerning international hiring matters, the visionary Dr. Kim Min Su at the Institute of Visionary Language Art Design (IVLAD) in Monster, The Netherlands at [...]

“Go ask Alice. We know she’ll think.”

© 2001 Kim Min Su, job advert / artwork