Yukiko Kanazawa: Interpreting Miso Orni (2005) at IVLAD

ADC staff , Kim Min Su (Editor of Art Design Publicity)
artdesigncafé - art | 1 February 2006

Interpreting Miso Orni (2005)

Lecture by Yukiko Kanazawa
20.00, 28 February 2006
Institute of Visionary Language Art Design (IVLAD) auditorium
Monster, The Netherlands

Press Release

IVLAD proudly presents a special lecture by Yukiko Kanazawa, a Japanese artist who has received critical acclaim for her groundbreaking video performance, Miso Orni (2005). This artwork is credited with combining the erotic and the exotic— with the tastefully organic— in unprecedented ways.

Filmed on the backstreets of Bangkok, Kanazawa gyrates in mid-air with her legs wrapped around a go-go pole, set to the soundtrack of 2 Live Crew’s Me so horny. Yet she bizarrely alternates authentic video clips of smiling faces from Japan from all walks of life, enthusiastically yelling "Me So Horny" to the pulsating beat. (Actually, these people from her native country think that they’re being filmed for a commercial advertising a new soup, Miso Orni.)

Ms Kanazawa, a recent Goldsmiths graduate, is predicted to become a finalist in next year’s Turner Prize in the United Kingdom.

2 Live crew. Me so horny.

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