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art design publicity

Tracey Emin at Lehmann-Maupin (1999)

Review of exhibition Every part of me’s bleeding in New York. Tracey Emin: Every Part of Me’s Bleeding “I’m fucked up. I’m 35. I’m childless. I’m anorexic. I’m neurotic. I’m psychotic... Everyday I try...
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The idiot’s guide to fine art (2010)

Down and out in Nottingham, England, Moogee The Art Dog tells it like it T-I is.
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Stewart Home: Shot down in flames (2011)

Sadly our media request to one of the bad boys of British art didn’t work out... This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Kim Min Su Dear Stewart, We’re...
art design publicity

Tate Modern’s Pop Life press release has been rejected (2009)

Our PR specialist "does a BANK"— and critically evaluates the press release for the exhibition Pop Life: Art in a Material World at Tate Modern in London. Here are the results......
art design publicity

Paul McCarthy’s Complex Shit crashes into building, steals editorial copy -...

Wonder how much this "performance"— and the publicity outputs—are worth monetarily to the artist and museum? Consult with your high-end PR evaluation professional... Below is a current record of...

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Four artists: Aspirations (2009)

R.J. Preece asked four artists to share their thoughts about marketing/media relations—anonymously. Here’s what the artists had to say: Secret Artist #1: “Being an artist kinda sucks—before you get...
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Damien Hirst’s diamond skull sale publicity vs. Neuron Factory / Invisible...

Boo-hoo. While arts funding was disappearing in 2010, so did funding for a presentation by Art Design Publicity magazine for a ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie museum presentation...
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The museum benefit: Excerpt from Art women: A field guide (2009)

After years of sociological research, our correspondent from Artforum’s New York City has put together a little guide to train aspiring women to make the most out of today’s art world. The...
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The Problematic Discourse on ’Philippe Starck’s’ Delano Hotel (1999)

The Problematic Discourse on "Philippe Starck’s" Delano Hotel by R. J. Preece Supervisor: Dr. Pauline Madge Table of Contents A. Abstract B. [2012 notes...
art design publicity

A day in the life of: Art journo versus PR specialist (2009)

It’s amazing what one hears when you give some people a Venetian mask... While chatting with an art journo colleague in Europe, I mentioned about ADP and how there’s a group focused on Critical...

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