Sleepwalker media coverage vs. Lava Land (2014) (automated music)

Marcus Bering , Stephen Mallinder
Art Design Publicity at ADC | 15 October 2014

Artist Marcus Bering mashes up the international media coverage compilation of Tony Matelli’s Sleepwalker sculpture at Wellesley College, adding some foreign language quotes and Google Translations, set to Wrangler’s song Lava Land.

  • Real or fake?
    (Mobile, AL) [0908]
  • Wellesley all girl college screams at nearly nude statue
    it’s a man!
  • Statuja që ngjalli polemika… po ju si do reagonit me burrin e zhveshur para shkollës?
    (Tirana,Albania) [2301] Statue controversy sparked ...
  • how would you react if husband naked before school?
  • It’s gross. It’s not right.
    ”Commenter on petition”
  • ”Tượng đàn ông khỏa thân khiến nữ sinh hoảng sợ.”
    (Vietnam) [2-3467] Statue of
    naked man caused panic girl.
  • Hämmentävän aito patsas herättää kauhua
    (Finland) [2473]
    "Amazingly authentic statue inspires horror"
  • He ’appears’ like a creepy pervert!...
    This is not art! It’s sexual assault!
    ”Commenter on petition”
  • Patung zombie heboh di kampus AS.
    (Medan,Indonessia) [2-1657]
  • Zombie sculpture scene in the USA campus.
  • Tượng người gây hoảng sợ trong trường học.
    (Vietnam) [2-1657]
    The frightening phenomenon in schools.
  • ! تمثال لرجل نصف عار يثير صدمة
    (Sulaimaniyah, Iraq) [2-2354]
  • Statue of a man half naked shock raises !
  • "This is hardly artistic... No woman should have to look at this ever. It makes me sick and if I went to school there
    I would deface the disgusting thing."
    Commenter on petition
  • Студенты потребовали демонтировать жуткий памятник лунатику.
    (Mogilev, Belarus) [2501]
  • "Students are required to dismantle the monument creepy lunatic"...
  • 美 반라 남성 형상화한 ’몽유병 조각상 철거 논란 뜨거워.
    (SEOUL) [2724]Amerika:
  • Hot naked men shaping a
    ’sleepwalking’ statue demolition controversy.
  • Put some clothes on, creepy sleepwalker statue.
    (Lagos,Nigeria) [2337]
  • He’s actually a lot stiffer than you think.
    (Queensland, Australia) [K1-083]
  • “Girls, relax."
    Journalist Andrea Peyser in the New York Post
  • "Amen, sister. Put that thing back where it came from"
    Jenny Erikson in "Creepy ’art’ on campus freaks out college students & you’ll see why" at
  • 皆さんはこの芸術作品、どう思う?
  • This work of art, what you guys think?
    (Japan) [1793]
  • so most of us are frightened of underwear frosty tale shape.
  • הלם בקמפוס גבר ערום הולך מתוך שינה?
    (Israel) [3366]
  • Shock on campus a naked man going in his sleep?
  • Polémica por escultura de sonámbulo en ropa interior.
    (Santiago, Chile) [2331]
  • Controversial sculpture sleepwalker in underwear.
  • جدل فني حول تمثال لرجل عارٍ يسير نائما (Egypt)
    [2344] Artistic controversy about a statue of a naked man walking asleep.
  • .لكن كيم بوتوملي، رئيس الكلية، قال إن التمثال يهدف إلى الحث على طرح "أفكار جديدة غير متوقعة". وأضاف بوتوملي أن العمل الفني "أثار مناقشات حماسية عن الفن والجنس والتجربة الشخصية
  • But Kim Bottomley, head of the college, said that the statue is intended to stimulate put "new ideas unexpected." Bottomley added that the work of art "sparked passionate discussions about art, sex and personal experience
  • “这幅伟大的艺术作品能够激起人们的个人内在情感,并引发意想不到的新观点。
  • "Great piece of art can arouse people’s personal inner feelings, and trigger unexpected new ideas."(China) [1918]
  • Pants art piece "triggers fear"
    (North Wales) [K1-034]
  • "This ’guy’ is obviously in pain— or something [is] wrong with him. And I just don’t think that it’s art."
    Leslie Roberts, Canada’s Global News - The Morning Show
  • "ต้นเหตุของความหวาดหวั่น, ความกลัว และส่งผลให้เกิดความคิดในเชิงคุกคามทางเพศ" นักศึกษาบางรายกล่าว
    (Bangkok) [2294]"The cause of apprehension, fear and cause the idea of sexual harassment," some students said.
  • "Is he a predator, or is it art?"
    Fox News presenter Doug McKelway
  • One creepy statue.
    CNN [K1-032]
  • 內褲男雕像太真
    Underwear male statue too real
  • 女大生不舒服.
    Large female students uncomfortable.
  • Zboczeniec w bieliźnie straszy studentki!
    (Warsaw, Poland) [K5-007]
  • Pervert in lingerie haunted student!
  • Is this too scary?
  • Undies Sculpture: ’I find it disturbing, but in a good way’.
    (Ghana) [2311]
  • Он инертен как и положено скульптуре, - пытается достучаться до студентов искусствовед.
    It is inert as befits a sculpture - is trying to reach out to art students.
  • Nude statue that caused sadness to the students.
  • Race in America: What if this statue was black?
    Blackstonian [1214]

  • FIN

Musical selection: Stephen Mallinder; visualization: Marcus Bering. The numbered codes refer to entries in the extensive media coverage compilation listed on the overview page.

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