Sleepwalker media coverage: The remixes (2014)

Media coverage you can dance to: featuring Marcus Bering, ’music-journalist’ Stephen Mallinder, and Kim Min Su.

ADC staff
Art Design Publicity at ADC | Announcement - Fall 2014 release

Marcus Bering illustration - What you guys think
Marcus Bering. Cropped still from "Sleepwalker sculpture media coverage overload vs. Theme from Wrangler" (2014) at Found sentence in article [1793], automated translation, visualization. (Link below.)

Imagine waking up one morning to find out that your art project is all over national television, announcing a controversy that you didn’t expect. That’s what happened to artist Tony Matelli in February 2014, when his Sleepwalker sculpture installed at Wellesley College literally took on a life of its own through the media and internet, resulting in 800 TV broadcasts, 5000+ articles in 96+ countries.

Phase I: Research and documentation

In summer 2014, independently discovered, documented and released a compilation revealing a great deal of the international media coverage. Phase I of the project included interviews of Matelli, the media relations consultant of the project, a media relations evaluation by a PR specialist, an overview article partnered with Sculpture magazine, and a Q&A discussion with commentary by the current and former directors of a UK art centre. For more information on Phase I, click Sleepwalker research.

Phase II: Media art reinterpreting the media coverage with sound, visuals, javascript and emotion

After the research phase, in artdesigncafe fashion it was time to reinterpret the media coverage and think about selected text, visuals and sound for reinterpretation, resulting in Sleepwalker media coverage: The remixes.

Sleepwalking into a North American media storm

(Automated music and TV news reports) Imagine waking up to this. Six embedded national North American TV news reports. Music selection: Stephen Mallinder. Visualization: Kim Min Su.

Swellesley Report

Sleepwalker media coverage vs. Harder

(Automated music) Here we offer a playful way to show selected media coverage outputs—titles and quotes— across the United States. Visualization: Kim Min Su. Music selection: Stephen Mallinder.

Sleepwalker media coverage, lost in translation

(Automated music) Marcus Bering and Kim Min Su imagine traveling with Sleepwalker around the globe to personally collect a bunch of his international press clippings. There’s one problem: the quirky automated translations... Music selection: Kim Min Su.

Sleepwalker media coverage vs. Lava Land

(Automated music) Marcus Bering pumps up the visual volume and unfamiliar letters and characters in foreign languages lean towards colorful, Pop-like non-objective art. Music selection: Stephen Mallinder.

Sleepwalker media coverage overload vs. Theme from Wrangler

(Automated music) Marcus Bering experiences mental overload after reviewing the 5000+ entries in the Sleepwalker media coverage compilation. He feels melancholic, like Sleepwalker probably felt after being vandalized with spray paint. Music selection: Stephen Mallinder.

The remixes feature music selections by legendary music-journalist Stephen Mallinder, a founding member of the highly influential Cabaret Voltaire band. ’Dot artist’ Marcus Bering and conceptualist Kim Min Su offer visuals and text selection/design inspired by the music and reinterpret the coverage. Bob Brown at the Wellesley-based Swellesley Report, who originally broke key stories with mediagenic angles about the Sleepwalker later consumed by national and international media, offered his original photos for the presentation.

Previous independent remixes and media coverage compilations at artdesigncafe have focused on media coverage sets concerning artists Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, the Leeds 13, Paul McCarthy, Gregor Schneider, and Spencer Tunick.