The Problematic Discourse on ’Philippe Starck’s’ Delano Hotel (1999)

R.J. Preece (ADP)
Art Design Publicity at ADC | 12 June 2012
This text, 134 pages in double-spaced, hard copy form, was an MA dissertation at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. For more details about the interesting contexts, see the 2012 notes.
Problematic Discourse on Philippe Starck’s Delano Hotel

The Problematic Discourse on "Philippe Starck’s" Delano Hotel

by R. J. Preece
Supervisor: Dr. Pauline Madge

Table of Contents

A. Abstract

B. 2012 notes

C. Cover page and legal letters

D. List of illustrations

I. Introduction
Starck as superstar designer and media success— Over 1000 publications— Problems of texts— Produced within a writing and publishing system— Starck’s Delano as basis for case study— What we see is just the surface of a decision-making process

II. From Content to Form
Search procedures as starting point— Sample of 100 published English-language writings— Search as a sample of published writing totality and limitations— Potential modes of communication— Subject "hit" totality— Voices totality— Variety of contexts

III. Focus on form: The Form of the Writings
On critical discourse analysis— Sociocultural processes— The legal dimension— Summary— Copyright law— Sociology of the writers— Sources and sociology— Production— Text consumption

IV. Focus on form: Intertextuality
On genre— Genre of the published writings— On voices— Intention/interpretation as voice— On discourses— Macrostructures— Microstructures— Implications

V. Focus on Content: The Cumulative Content of the Writings
Argumentation and selections— The questions— Basic facts— Design process— Acquisition— Who designed the hotel?— Renovation and preservation issues— On Starck-Schrager relationship— Characterization of visual aspects— General characterizations of the hotel— Whiteness— Financial success of the hotel— Specific parts of the hotel— Indoor/outdoor lobby in general— Exterior front: Hedge, blue door, and porch— Interior lobby: Curtains, etc.— Exterior back: Garden and pool area— Guest rooms and bathrooms— Hotel users— Staff— Guests

VI. Discussion: The Problematic Questions and Implications
Summary— Implications— Art history as truth / fiction— Art history as process-product— Limitations— Media Design?

VII. Bibliographies
A. List of published writings sample on the Delano— listed by categories

B. List of published writings sample on the Delano— listed by author

C. Bibliographic list of other sources including those concerning methodology, journalism, law, and other Starck sources.

VIII. Appendices
A. Details of Comprehensive Search Procedures

B. Details for Claims about Legalities of Writing

C. Examples for claims about genres

D. Details for Claims about Cumulative Angles— by Individual Article

IX. Endnotes