Damien Hirst et al. diamond skull publicity ft. Bloomberg News (2007)

We prefer the position that the freaky diamond skull was not sold, that the mass & social media channels were "appropriated"—and that the journos, bloggers, the twitterati, etc. and recipients of the message were activated into a Sensational media performance.

Roisin Byrne, the theft artist , M. Contraband, Esq., the PUNK lawyer/artist , Yukiko Fujita , D.M. Gray , Kim Min Su (Editor of Art Design Publicity) , R.J. Preece (ADP) , Rogue Dubai PR guy , L.A. Roka , Secret advisor hiding behind sofa , Sarah J. Thornton
Art Design Publicity at ADC | 8 May 2010

"...the art form of the 21st century is marketing..."
(Germaine Greer)

“I am not concerned about the details of these sales. What matters to me is that they were announced—unleashed, picked up, printed, reprinted, accelerated, translated, and multiplied across global media..."
(R.J. Preece)

"Art work isn’t static,
it’s everywhere—
the art in artwork is a hot liquid mess...."
(Roisin Byrne)

"The journalists’ actions and the media coverage—
the good, the bad and the ugly—
were an integral part of the Leeds 13 project
and became part of the Leeds 13 experience.

It was one of life’s special treats to appropriate
so many of them
in one go..."
— Sarah Thornton, Leeds 13

Damien Hirst et al ft. authoritative presenter on Bloomberg news. Diamond skull sale announcement
( Micro -detail of hundreds, if not thousands), 29 August 2007. Mass & social media performance ART.

"If a certain amount of hype means that it happens,
means that all the resources available are marshalled together to make it happen...
What you’re left with—you hope—
is some very good art,
and some decent writing."


(Honey Luard, 2002)

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