The Problematic Discourse on "Philippe Starck’s" Delano Hotel (1999) - Appendix A

Appendix A: Details of Comprehensive Search Procedures

The results of the search occurred using the following procedures.

1. Press material received from Ian Schrager Hotels’ public relations firm dka in New York.

2. A Delano hotel brochure [received via a third party (which wasn’t included with the press material)].

3. Philippe Starck’s CV and a published statement from his press office near Paris.

4. Conducted subject searches "Starck" for the following art and design indices: Art Index, design and applied art index, Avery Index, Architectural Periodicals Index, and the Bibliography of the History of Art. Added "Delano", "Schrager", "hotels" and "designer hotels" for Art Index and design and applied art index. These searches produce citations largely from the art and design trade press literature and delve into lifestyle publications.

5. Conducted searches from the following indices which produce citations from newspapers, general magazines, lifestyle publications, some art and design trade press publications, and industry-oriented publications: ABI / Inform, Dow Jones Text Library, Lexis-Nexis, Expanded Academic Index, General Business Periodicals, Business and Industry Index, and Arts and Humanities Index. Some of these indices provide full-text search facilities, which can include abstracts or full-text article searches.

6. Conducted newspaper searches for The Guardian (1995-98); The Independent (1995-98); and The Times (1995-98) with the full-text searching terms of "Starck", "Delano", and "Schrager".

7. Conducted a book search on "Philippe Starck" in Books in Print;,, (Germany), and subject searches using the catalogues at the British Library, UCE, University of Birmingham, Temple University (Philadelphia), and the University of Pennsylvania.