BA backlash: Recent grad goes Post-Punk (2009)

It’s amazing how critical media analysis can quickly raise fundamental questions about art world communications, like that for political discourse. But why is it still ignored by most art and design school curriculums?

ADC staff , D.M. Gray
Art Design Publicity at ADC | 14 September 2009

Hypocrisy, politics and lies!

With my BA in Fine Art degree recently in hand, the articles at Art Design Publicity have definitely been an eye opener. This occurs after a comparatively sheltered education—and I’ve always considered myself a perpetual cynic. Personally, I’ve been shocked by the amount of false details parading themselves as facts—especially after pouring over numerous books when writing my dissertation. How much of that was fiction??

However, this certainly isn’t limited to the art world. About six years ago, back when I was an impressionable teenager, I religiously read Cosmopolitan magazine. You know the one, the glossy fashion pages, risqué relationship advice and all the celebrity gossip a girl could ask for.

Then, of course, there are the fabulous celebrity interviews. In Cosmopolitan’s January 2009 issue, there appears to be an intimate conversation with Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson—or is it? It has been reported that this interview, actually, never took place—and Johansson’s representatives are threatening to sue. But what a wonderful piece of publicity for the actress...

Don’t believe me, click the screenshots below.

scarlett johansson cosmopolitan

scarlett johansson fake cosmopolitan

Maybe these reports aren’t true either, as the surfaces spin and spin—and the publicity mounts...!

ADP editorial note: Younger generation, pull up your chairs!

Well, it’s you all that will have to clean up the mess that us terribly respectable older folks leave behind...

So, D.M., college/university students and twenty-somethings, a very warm welcome to the Art Design Publicity Post-Punk Banquet... Now no throwing food across the table... your uncle Jake Chapman and auntie journo Carole have that already covered.