J. J. Niland Co. (Meriden, CT) historical design catalogues and historical information (2016)

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J. J. Niland Co. (1902-59) design catalogues and historical information [1]

A. J. J. Niland Co. design catalogues

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J. J. Niland Co. (c. 1913). “J. J. Niland Co., manufacturers of rich cut glass, Meriden, Conn. [n.d., 1913]”. In The cut glass of the Niland Brothers. Published by the American Cut Glass Association in collaboration with the Deep River Historical Society, Deep River, CT and the Rakow Research Library of the Corning Museum of Glass. Ramona, CA: American Cut Glass Association, c. 2007 (Corning, NY: Sunset Printers). Corning Museum of Glass call no. TP868.N69 1913r & Range 6, Bay 1, Shelf 8, American Cut Glass Association records, 1978-, Box 20; Bib - 101465. Viewed 27 March 2016. [A00171]

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J. J. Niland Co. (1913). The J. J. Niland Company: Rich cut glass (trade catalogue). 25 pp., Meriden, CT. Courtesy Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, New York. (Click image in the CMOG record below to see the catalogue.) Viewed 27 March 2016. [A00172; AAA00009]

B. J. J. Niland Co. — other historical information

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(1902-). Various advertisements and newspaper articles - search engines. See: Chronicling America at Library of Congress; fultonhistory.com (over 35 million historical newspaper pages from USA and Canada); and Google News. Viewed 16 October 2016.

[1] This dating "1902-59" comes from Tobin, Diane. (2012). The Meriden Flint Glass Company: An abundance of glass. (See appendix: Meriden Glass Companies). Charleston, SC: The History Press. (ISBN 978.1.61423.833.1). Viewed 24 May 2016. [A00696]

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