Sleepwalking into a North American media storm (2014) (automated music and TV news reports)

Kim Min Su (Editor of Art Design Publicity) , Stephen Mallinder
Creative Business & Entrepreneurship | 15 October 2014

Legendary "music-journalist" Stephen Mallinder offers his take on the Sleepwalker statue controversy at Wellesley College earlier this year, with ADP editor Kim Min Su. The following song is Sleepwalking (1984) by Cabaret Voltaire, of which Mallinder is a founding member. The video is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Reflecting on the Sleepwalker media frenzy two months later, Tony Matelli said, “I think it’s bizarre....

It’s like watching yourself in a movie, like I was viewing all this as a third person..."

Music selection: Stephen Mallinder; visualization: Kim Min Su

Sleepwalker media coverage: The remixes