Sensation exhibition merchandising (1997)

Check out the merchandising accompanying the landmark exhibition Sensation (18 September - 28 December 1997).

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Merchandise accompanying Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection

Royal Academy of Arts
London, England
18 September - 28 December 1997

Press release text by Royal Academy of Arts

16th September 1997

Sponsored by Christie’s in association with Time Out

The merchandise accompanying the Royal Academy of Arts Sensation Exhibition is an eclectic mix that reflects the variety of works exhibited. Many of the product designs have been inspired by the works in the exhibition and several have been developed in conjunction with the artists.

These product groups will account for a significant proportion of sales:

> (1) Selection of postcards featuring the major works and photographs of some of the artists by Johnnie Shand Kydd at £0.50
> (2) Greeting Cards by young British designers created exclusively for the exhibition, from £2.95
> (3) Over 50 book titles relevant to the exhibition

Products specially developed in association with the artists for the exhibition include:

Limited edition (of 50) Chapman Brothers signed posters, titled "All Of Our Ideas For The Next 20 Years", measuring 4’ x 5’ and printed on 170gsm paper, priced at £39.95 each. Also available are unsigned posters, on 150gsm paper at £19.95 each.

Chapman Brothers signed, limited edition (of 1,000) telephone cards, featuring a detail from the work Ubermensch.

Mona Hatoum pinbadge, designed in relation to her work, Deep Throat. The image is taken from the last video sequence of this work and retails for £0.95.

T-shirts featuring the work of artists Sam Taylor-Wood, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Marcus Harvey, Michael Landy and Jenny Saville at £14.95 or £19.95.

Also especially produced for this exhibition are fashion T-Shirts by British Designers Antoni and Alison, priced at £35.00 each. The T-shirts feature the phrase "Non-Conformist—Dressing Like An Avant Garde Artist".

Other design led items which will be sold in the Royal Academy to accompany the exhibition include:

(1) Inflatable PVC armchair at £85.00

(2) PVC room divider/shower curtain with 126 transparent storage pockets to store CD’s, photos or household items at £89.95 each

(3) PVC toothbrush holder with space for four toothbrushes and a pocket above each one for a photo of the owner at £16.00 each. A transparent toothbrush containing plastic swimming fish will also be available at £4.95

(4) Gary Hume’s "Pop up Room" at £5.95 was created by the British Council for a touring exhibition. It is made from pre-cut card and can be assembled to form a 3-sided room with floor and ceiling

(5) Mutant Magnets to adorn a fridge or filing cabinet featuring aspects of the body available in male or female body parts at £19.95 each

(6) Resin photo frame with real fish of plastic pills sealed inside at £18.95 each

The Royal Academy of Arts Shop is situated on the first floor of the Royal Academy—Tel. 0171 300 5757. The Royal Academy is a registered charity and all proceeds from the exhibition help fund the many varied activities held at the Royal Academy.