Radha Stirling

ADC staff

Dubai business venture: ’Dear K, Just say No!’ (2011)

Creative Business & Entrepreneurship
ADC staff, Radha Stirling - 18 Oct 11 This summer, a person in the Art Design Publicity sphere, "K", was vaguely contemplating doing visual arts business in Dubai and the UAE. This absolutely freaked everyone out who knew about it in the ADP sphere. In response, we asked Radha Stirling, founder of the detainedindubai charity which...

Sadly, Detained in Dubai cases keep rolling on in... (music journalism) (2011)

Art Design Publicity magazine
Kim Min Su (Editor of Art Design Publicity), Radha Stirling - 11 Oct 11 Just because the international media isn’t headlining new cases of expats caught in the UAE legal system, some are still getting accused and detained for a range of unfamiliar crimes, says charity founder. Kim Min Su; DJ Disco Activisto: Billie Ray Martin; Radha Stirling, founder...