Chelsea Butkowski

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Sarah Thornton on art auctions (2012)

→ Creative Business & Entrepreneurship
Chelsea Butkowski - 17 Nov 12
The author of the influential book Seven days in the art world presents three articles spotlighting recent developments that are must-reads for those outside the system. Sarah Thornton on the art market Three articles in the Economist over the past two years by sociologist Sarah Thornton,...

Billie Ray Martin interview: The Opiates & Hollywood under the knife (2012)

→ artdesigncafé - art
Chelsea Butkowski , R.J. Preece (ADP) - 14 Jan 12
Divas, transvestites, and rising stars striving for sanity, identity, or that next plastic surgery fix. Their stories, among others, are brought to life by the electronic beats of Hollywood under the knife, The Opiates’ debut album. Dubbed “the Carpenters of electro”, The Opiates are composed of...

Albright-Knox Art Gallery Future Curators program (2011)

→ Creative Business & Entrepreneurship
Chelsea Butkowski - 27 Dec 11
We asked four students-turned-critics who participated in the program what they thought... In May 2011, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York (USA) held an exhibition curated by area high school students. This exhibition, entitled raw, was the culmination of the gallery’s Future...