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"WILCOX & EVERTSEN, New York, Meriden, and Wallingford, Conn.
The firm of Wilcox & Evertsen silversmiths in New York were successors to Rowan & Wilcox, who started under that name the latter part of 1889. In 1892, the name was changed to Wilcox & Evertsen, the firm being composed of Robert M. Wilcox and Henry H. Evertsen. In 1896, Wilcox & Evertsen was bought by the Meriden Britannia Co, and moved to Meriden... [In 1989, Meriden Britannia Co. became part of the International Silver Company.]

— Edmund P. Hogan in An American heritage: A book about the International Silver Company (1977), pp. 165-66.

A. Wilcox & Evertsen Fine Arts (1889-1929) design catalogues

wilcox and evertsen fine arts

International Silver Company. (1927). International sterling hollow ware. 403 pp. (“It presents in section L, the products of Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. ... In section W are shown the ... products of the Wilcox & Evertsen factory ... Section P illustrates ... pieces made by the Watrous Mfg. Co. factory’— Foreword). New York Public Library call no. 3-MNO+ (International Silver Company, Meriden, Conn. International sterling hollow ware. 1927); Oxford University, England, Aleph System Number: 013250805. Viewed 15 May 2016. [A00658-59; A00759-61]

wilcox and evertsen fine arts

International Silver Company. (1929). International sterling hollowware (Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co.; Wilcox & Evertsen; Watrous Manufacturing Company) (deluxe edition). Approx. 447 pp. Meriden Historical Society. Viewed 17 September 2016. [AAA00157-61] [DM]

B. Wilcox & Evertsen Fine Arts - other historical information

wilcox and evertsen fine arts

(1892-). Various advertisements and newspaper articles - search engines. See: Chronicling America at Library of Congress; fultonhistory.com (over 35 million historical newspaper pages from USA and Canada); and Google News. Viewed 16 October 2016.

C. Wilcox & Evertsen Fine Arts - seconday sources

wilcox and evertsen fine arts

May, Earl Chapin. (1947). "Wilcox & Evertsen" mentions (pp. 117, 173). In Century of silver, 1847-1947; Connecticut Yankees and a noble metal. 388 pp. New York: E.M. McBride & Company. (See worldcat.org for locations.) Viewed 15 March 2017. [DM]

wilcox and evertsen fine arts

Hogan, Edmund P. (1977). On "Wilcox & Evertsen", [pp. 157, 165-66 (see excerpt above)]. In An American heritage: A book about the International Silver Company. Taylor Publishing Company: Dallas, TX. [DM]

wilcox and evertsen fine arts

Stern, Jewel. (2005). Modernism in American silver. 392 pp. ISBN: 0-300-10927-x. Dallas Museum of Art and Yale University Press. (Book accompanied exhibition at 5 American venues.) Multiple locations: see worldcat.org.

wilcox and evertsen fine arts

Preece, Robert. (28 September 2016). Jewel Stern interview: Modernist silver from Meriden-Wallingford. Design Meriden at artdesigncafe.com, 1(2).

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