Anna Eyjolfsdottir

ADC staff
17 April 2019
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Anna Eyjolfsdottir interview: Paradise Lost (2013)

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R. J. Preece - 20 Dec 13

Anna Eyjolfsdottir interview: Paradise Lost (2013) Anna Eyjólfsdóttir. LEFT: Black, (2007). Aluminum, wood, plaster, toys, cage; variable dimensions. RIGHT: White, (installation detail) (2007). Bronze, plaster, toys, found objects; dimensions variable. Both works installed at Start Art...

Anna Eyjólfsdóttir (2006)

→ artdesigncafé - art
Harpa Thorsdottir - 15 Sep 06

...anna eyjolfsdottir artist' title='anna eyjolfsdottir artist' /> Anna Eyjólfsdóttir. Power (two views - details) (2006). Three-part work. One part: Construction moulds, iron, found glass object, tailcoat, hat; 810 x 720 x 450 cm. Installed in group show Mega vott, Hafnarborg Museum,...

Coastline 2000, Reykjavik, Iceland

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R. J. Preece - 01 Sep 01

...anna eyjolfsdottir coastline' title='anna eyjolfsdottir coastline' /> Anna Eyjolfsdottir. Signaling Coastline (2000). Flag poles, ships‘ signal flags; 600 x 3600 x 120 cm. Installed at Reykjavik Harbour as part of outdoor exhibition: Coastline 2000, Reykjavík, Iceland. Photo: Helgi Hjaltalín...