Sarah Giddens

ADC staff

Paul Butler: Art ads (2010)

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Sarah Giddens - 31 Jan 11
Paul Butler. Art ads installation view. Gallery 44, Toronto. Paul Butler is a Canadian artist involved in multidisciplinary, social and alternative pedagogical practices. He hosts The Collage Party— a touring experimental studio; directs The Other Gallery in Toronto; runs...

Billie Ray Martin interview: The Crackdown (2010)

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Sarah Giddens , R.J. Preece (ADP) - 24 Nov 10
With the The Crackdown Project, disco diva Billie Ray Martin referred back to two classic songs by Cabaret Voltaire, Crackdown and Just fascination, offering multiple versions and collaborations with DJs and video producers. The project’s influence has carried over to Art Design Publicity...

Anoli Perera: Artist Voice from Sri Lanka (1997)

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Sarah Giddens - 01 Jun 97
Anoli Perera First educated at the University of Colombo, Anoli Perera went on to study in Santa Barbara, California and Princeton, New Jersey where she apprenticed under sculptor Milt Liebson. Anoli was a joint recipient of the Young Artist of the Year Award from the Colombo-based George Keyt...