Petra Bungert, CCNOA director

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17 April 2019
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CCNOA, Brussels (2003)

→ artdesigncafé - art
R. J. Preece - 01 Sep 03

CCNOA, Brussels (2003) CCNOA, Brussels People who stop over in Brussels usually meander past shops selling chocolate and lace on their way to the city’s star attraction, Grand-Place, with its magnificent guild houses and town hall; art visitors may trek to the Horta House for some Art Nouveau...

Only the press release remains (2003)

→ Art Design Publicity magazine
Kim Min Su (Editor of Art Design Publicity) - 10 Apr 03

Only the press release remains (2003) Amidst a rather controversial "fire-based performance", the conceptual art song remains the same. When the levee breaks by Led Zeppelin. Burnout: In the Name of Love A performance-interactive installation by Kim Min Su Center for...

Wanna 2Step ? CCNOA + RPP (2002)

→ artdesigncafé - art
ADC staff - 20 Apr 02

Wanna 2Step ? CCNOA + RPP (2002) 2 step Centre for Contemporary Non-Objective Art (CCNOA) + RPProjects Brussels/Bruxelles/Brussel, Belgium 20 April – 16 June 2002 Press release text by CCNOA Brussels’ Centre for Contemporary Non-Objective Art [CCNOA] in collaboration with RPProjects...

CCNOA + RPProjects, 2step, Brussels (2002)

→ RPProjects
ADC staff - 20 Apr 02

2step at CCNOA + RPProjects, Brussels Video installation Audio installation Wall between installation x At Center of Contemporary Non-Objective Art (CCNOA) 40 experimental works by 37 international artists Numerous citations in various communications by artists, galleries, museums,...