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Montien Boonma interview: Arte Amazonas (1992)

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Alfred Pawlin - 04 Jun 92
Montien Boonma interview In February 1992, Montien Boonma was invited to Brazil to participate in the artists’ workshop in the Amazon basin, six million square km of river and jungle. Montien stayed and worked in the city of Manaus which was once the center of the world’s rubber industry. For...

Melancholic Trance at Visual Dhamma Gallery, Bangkok (1992)

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Alfred Pawlin - 23 May 92
Melancholic Trance at Visual Dhamma Gallery Front cover of brochure accompanying exhibition Melancholic Trance at Visual Dhamma Gallery (23 May - 30 June 1992). The following Internet pages linked below show the text and images of the artist pages in the brochure accompany the exhibition...

Montien Boonma interview: Reaching beyond tradition (1991)

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Alfred Pawlin - 28 Oct 91
Alfred Pawlin: A German art historian has written that you seem to be trying to escape from established art genres. Would you agree with this? Montien Boonma: It is not that simple. I am not so much concerned with the new image or style in my work but more about how I can transmit or express...