Miller Bros. Cutlery Co. (Meriden, CT) design catalogues and other primary source information (2016)

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Miller Bros. Cutlery Co. design catalogues and other primary source information

Introduction, c. 1893:

I. C. Lewis, President; W. F. Rockwell, Secretary and Treasurer. Manufacturers of Fine Pocket Cutlery, Ink Erasers and Steel Pens. Factory, Meriden, Conn.; New York Office, 825 Broadway. The Miller Bros. Cutlery Co. of Meriden, Conn. was organized for the Manufacture of Pocket Cutlery in 1870, by Messrs. W. H. & Geo. W. Miller. It was subsequently re-organized in 1876, with Lemuel J. Curtis as President, and Wm. F. Rockwell as Secretary and Treasurer. The manufacture of Steel Pens was added in 1881, by the purchase of George Bradford’s plant, and the employment of Mr. Bradford as Superintendent of the Pen Department. In 1885, Mr. J. H. Charlton was appointed Superintendent of the Factory, and upon the death of Mr. Curtis, in 1888, the Hon. Isaac C. Lewis was elected President of the Company. Frequent additions have been made to the buildings and machinery in both Cutlery and Pen Departments during the past ten years. Now their capacity for turning out goods is greater than any other establishment on the country in the same lines of business. The quality of their productions is unexcelled in the world and their well earned reputation is carefully maintained."

—D.H. Hurd & Co. (1893). “Miller Bros. Cutlery Co.” (page 211) and illustration. In Town and city atlas of the State of Connecticut. Compiled from government surveys, county records and personal investigations. Boston, MA; 223 pp. Courtesy University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. Viewed 21 May 2016. [A00682-84]

A. Miller Bros. Cutlery Co. design catalogues

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Shaw Applin & Co. (1879). "New price list 1879-1880". ("Additional Contributors: Miller Bros. Cutlery Co.") 16 pp. Boston: The Firm. Boston Public Library – microfiche - Trade Catalogues at the Winterthur Museum, Part 2. (Multiple locations, see Viewed 22 May 2016. [A00685]

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Miller Bros Cutlery Co. (undated). [catalog no. 646 (handwritten)]. Meriden, CT; 93 pp. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - offline. Viewed 21 May 2016. [A00680-81]

B. Miller Bros. Cutlery Co. - other primary source information

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(1918). Aero view of Meriden, Connecticut. [Including illustration of Miller Bros. Cutlery Co., 464 Pratt Street] Hughes & Bailey: Boston. Courtesy Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Viewed 20 July 2016. [A01020-21]. (For more maps, see the historical Meriden maps webpage.)

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(Various years). Various advertisements and newspaper articles - search engines. See: Chronicling America at Library of Congress; (over 35 million historical newspaper pages from USA and Canada); and Google News. Viewed 16 October 2016.

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